CMS Performance Harness Install Kit For C8 Corvette
Competition Motorsport CMS Performance Harness Install Kit For C8 Corvette from $125.00 $250.00
CMS Performance Harness Install Kit For C8 Corvette Fits 2020+ Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C8) The CMS Performance Harness Install Kit for the C8 Corvette allows you to install the lap belts for a four-point harness in your C8 Corvette. This kit is typically used in conjunction with our CMS Performance C8 Harness Bar or Deluxe C8 Harness Bar to locate the shoulder straps of your harness. Each Harness Install Kit is for one seat (driver or passenger side, they're interchangeable). Order two and save! DESIGNED AND BUILT IN THE USA Designed and built in the USA, this Harness Install Kit is CNC cut and fully TIG-welded from high-strength stainless steel and powder-coated satin black to blend seamlessly into your interior when you don't have harnesses installed. Complete, detailed instructions make installation pretty simple (figure about an hour if you're reasonably handy). We recommend the Schroth Profi II ASM Harnesses as a perfect complement to this kit. Schroth's proprietary Anti-Submarine (ASM) technology was developed specifically for use in street cars with no sub strap pass-through in the seats. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE FEATURES Crafted from Stainless Steel for superior safety Full 360o TIG welding for strength, integrity, and beauty Powder coated satin black Designed, built, and powder-coated in the USA Simple installation in about an hour THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY
CMS Rollbar Harness Collars
Competition Motorsport CMS Rollbar Harness Collars from $17.95
CMS Locking Roll Bar Harness Collars  Designed to fit all CMS bolt-in roll bars and harness bars Perfectly sized to fit all CMS roll bars with either 1.75"  or 1.50" harness cross-bars. Precision-machined roll bar harness collars help keep your harness shoulder straps in exactly the right place on your roll bar. Easy to install double-split collars with high-strength Allen bolt hardware, they are available in satin black powder-coated steel. FEATURES: Clamp tight to hold your shoulder straps firmly in position Keep harness shoulder straps located properly and precisely Satin black powder-coated steel Roll bar collars are priced individually
Sabelt 2 Inch Harness Pads
Sabelt Sabelt 2 Inch Harness Pads $25.00
Sabelt 2 Inch Harness Pads Sabelt 2-inch harness pads offer additional padding for your harness shoulder straps, with easy-to-use Velcro closure. Sold in pairs.
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Schroth 3 Bar Slide
Schroth Schroth 3 Bar Slide $14.95
Schroth 3 Bar Slide SR LV10.A Standard three-bar slide for 2" webbing. Uses the simple three-bar slide wrapping technique. Most commonly used for HANS-specific shoulder belts or anti-sub straps. SR LV7  This three-bar slide is designed to be used wrapping any 3" webbing to a harness bar, or to wrap any end fitting into a 3" piece of webbing. This is the slide found on all 3" shoulder belts.
Schroth Bolt- or Snap-in Brackets
Schroth Schroth Bolt- or Snap-in Brackets from $14.95
Schroth Bolt-In or Snap-In Brackets B24 BRACKET The B24 is the most economical bolt-in bracket offered. It's a heavy-duty steel bracket that cannot be bent to aid installation. Dimensions are 5mm thick, 69 x 46mm with a 13mm (1/2") bolt hole. There is a slight 10° bend so that this bracket can be bolted directly to a flat surface and leave room for webbing wrapped into it. It can be sewn in or wrapped with an LV4 (recommended), LV10 or LV11. FIA and SFI 16.1/16.5 approved. Cannot be used for a lap belt bolt-in bracket under SFI 16.5. Three-inch webbing must be folded at the edges for use with this bracket. B15 BRACKET The B15 snap-in bracket snaps to eyebolts or bolt-in bracket B23B. It can be sewn into 2" and 3" webbing, or wrapped with an LV4, LV10 or LV11. When wrapped into 3" webbing, one must fold the edges of the webbing in and use an LV7. Can be used on any point of a harness, including lap belt, sub strap, or shoulder belt. FIA and SFI 16.1 approved.
Schroth Pivot Sleeves
Schroth Schroth Pivot Sleeves $9.95
Schroth Harness Pivot Sleeves The ideal situation for bolt-in harnesses is when the bracket can pivot on the bolt to allow for perfect geometry. This pivot action allows the force applied on the webbing to dictate the orientation of the bolt in bracket achieving the desired orientation of the bracket. Sleeves must be used in conjunction with a washer on one side. See picture of assembled bolt in setup. Sleeves are available in different sizes for different bolts. Note if you are using a B24 bracket, you will need the sleeve specific to that bracket. DETAILS: SR S64 Hole size: 3/8" / M10 SR S64-B24 Hole size: 3/8" / M10 (for B24 bracket only) SR S65 Hole size: 7/16" / M10 SR S65L Hole size: 7/16" / M10 (for B24 bracket only) SR S86 Hole size: 5/16" / M8
Schroth Tuning Harness Pads
Schroth Schroth Tuning Harness Pads from $49.95
Schroth Tuning Harness Pads Sometimes people who wear harnesses for long periods of time complain of irritation of the skin on their shoulders and neck where the harnesses pass over. If that is the case, you need a set of these harness pads to provide a soft cushion between the webbing and your skin. Other people use them as stylish comfort add-ons to their factory 3-Point restraints. Made of high quality polyester, these pads can be washed, and can be installed/removed in seconds. They come in a wide variety of colors, including Black Leather. One set required per harness. These items have the new style Schroth Racing patch sewn onto them instead of the standard fuzzy lettering. Sold in Pairs.
Schroth Washers
Schroth Schroth Washers $9.95
Schroth Harness Washers If you are using a bolt-in harness bracket, you will want to use the corresponding sleeves to allow that bracket to pivot. These are the washers you'll need to finish the setup. DETAILS: SR S82 Hole size: 7/16" SR S83 Hole size: 3/8" / M10 SR S86 Hole size: 5/16" / M8
Sparco 2 Inch Alcantara Harness Pads
Sparco Sparco 2 Inch Alcantara Harness Pads $30.00
Sparco 2 Inch Alcantara Harness Pads Special memory foam harness shoulder pads covered in Alcantara suede with embroidered Sparco logo. FEATURES: Memory foam for amazing comfort. Alcantara stays in place, wears well. For use with 2-inch racing harnesses. Includes two harness pads per package.