CMS Tow Decal
Competition Motorsport CMS Tow Decal $2.99
CMS Tow Decal All professional sanctioning bodies require tow hooks on race cars if the roll cage is not easily accessible, and the tow hooks must be clearly marked for quick identification by safety crews. 3" by 2" Die-cut vinyl decal
CMS Master
Competition Motorsport CMS Master "OFF" Decal $2.99
CMS Master "OFF" Decal Our CMS Master "OFF" Decal meets the standards of NASA, SCCA and IMSA for the "international marking of a spark in a blue triangle" to mark your vehicle's kill switch location. 3.375" by 2" wide Die-cut vinyl decal
CMS Fire Extinguisher Decal
Competition Motorsport CMS Fire Extinguisher Decal $2.99
CMS Fire Extinguisher Decal Our CMS Fire Extinguisher Decal meets the standards of NASA, SCCA and IMSA for marking your fire system actuator location. 3" diameter Die-cut vinyl decal
CMS Transponder Decal
Competition Motorsport CMS Transponder Decal $2.99
CMS Transponder Decal with Write-On Area Some sanctioning bodies require this decal to mark the location of your transponder. Our 3 inch diameter red-on-white "T" decal has a special area for you to write in your transponder number, if desired. Just write your transponder number using a ball point pen or Sharpie and you're good to go. Make sure the ink is waterproof if the decal will be exposed to the elements. If in doubt, we suggest you protect the write-on area with clear tape to keep the transponder number from smearing or washing away. 3" diameter Die-cut vinyl decal  
Competition Motorsport Decals (4-pack)
Competition Motorsport Competition Motorsport Decals (4-pack) from $6.00
Competition Motorsport Decals (pack of 4 in the size selected) Sizes Available: 6"x1.5" /  9"x2" / 12"x3" Show your support for Competition Motorsport and grab some high-quality, fade-resistant CMS decals. They're perfect for cars, trucks, trailers, laptops, and the walls at Siebkens (if you don't understand this joke, you owe it to yourself to go to Elkhart Lake and enjoy a steak sandwich at Siebkins while reading the walls for a while).