The Stilo Venti WRC is the update of the legendary WRC helmet as worn by multiple rally champions.
Stilo Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber Helmet 8860-2018 $6,500.00
Stilo Venti WRC ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet Uncompromising Safety and Performance The new Stilo Venti WRC line of helmets celebrates the twenty year anniversary of Stilo Helmets and features lightweight, durable carbon fiber shell construction using the smallest of three available shell sizes for for the smallest and lightest helmet available. The Stilo Venti WRC helmet shell is manufactured in the Stilo carbon fiber factory in Italy. It is made even lighter using Stilo's innovative PURO technology which saves weight by eliminating the final clear-coat layer, providing maximum protection without compromising on weight or comfort. Designed specifically for motorsport enthusiasts, the Stilo Venti WRC is built to withstand the demands of high-speed racing, ensuring optimal safety during intense driving scenarios. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO 8860 helmets have an all-new shell design specifically to allow for integration with the groundbreaking Stilo 'WL' wireless communication system. Stilo ZERO helmets are designed for ultimate weight-saving while exceeding the ultra stringent FIA 8860-2018 requirements for safety. Venti WRC ZERO 8860 carbon helmets, as with all the ZERO helmets in Stilo's lineup, have been developed for the most discerning competitor. Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber Helmet is FIA 8860-2018 Certified This Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet holds the prestigious FIA 8860-2018 certification, meeting the highest safety standards set by the FIA. It guarantees top-tier protection for professional and amateur racers alike. With its unique ventilation system, the Stilo Venti WRC ZERO offers superior airflow, keeping you cool and focused even during long races or under extreme conditions. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet's aerodynamic design reduces drag, allowing for enhanced performance and improved stability at high speeds, giving you a competitive edge on the track. The interior padding of the Stilo Venti WRC ZERO can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring a fresh and comfortable fit for every race. Leading Edge Communication Technology Only From Stilo Every Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet is equipped with innovative noise-canceling features and a redesigned boom with all new geometry for maximum visibility and sound quality. This minimizes external distractions, allowing you to maintain focus and concentration on the track ahead. This helmet features Stilo's innovative wireless (WL) communication system. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO retains the market-leading Stilo WRC helmet electronics system, but the comms port has been re-designed for use with the WL wireless key (sold separately). This allows the driver and co-driver to continue to communicate even outside he car. And it conforms perfectly to  the shell so it doesn't interfere with FHR posts or straps. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO helmet's electronics are also compatible with traditional Stilo wired amplifiers. Aggressive New Design, Same Premium Rally Helmet Pedigree The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO features an all new aggressive design featuring an adjustable visor, providing optimal visibility and allowing you to customize your field of view for different driving conditions. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet is a professional-grade helmet trusted by professionals, representing the pinnacle of safety and performance in motorsport by offering uncompromising quality for your racing needs. Invest in the Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet today and experience unparalleled safety, comfort, and performance. Dominate every course with confidence and stay ahead of the competition. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO is the update of a legendary WRC helmet worn by multiple rally champions. Supplied with factory fitted HANS Post anchors as standard. How to Correctly Measure Your Head for a Stilo Venti WRC ZERO The most effective helmet is one that fits properly. To measure your head, have an assistant use a dressmaker's tape or a piece of string to measure the circumference of your head. Start at a point about an inch above your eyebrows, looping around the back of your head at the point that results in the largest measurement, and finally around to the front again. It's a good idea to take two or three measurements to make sure you have the largest one. This helmet will ship with signature required for delivery.
Sabelt Hero Superlight Womens TS-10 Race Suit Pink Image
Sabelt Sabelt Hero Superlight Womens TS-10 Race Suit $2,299.00
Sabelt Hero Superlight Women's TS-10 Race Suit Light, Comfortable, and FIA 8856-2018 Approved The Sabelt Hero Superlight TS-10 for women is a top-of-the-line professional driver’s race suit constructed with supremely low weight in mind and tailored to fit women racing drivers. The outer layer of the TS-10 race suit is an extremely light, woven flame-resistant material. The fire-retardant Nomex inner layer is soft knit for protection with comfort, while a honeycomb middle layer provides extra insulation without added bulk. At only 265 g/m2, this lightweight racing suit is one of the best in the industry. The elastic stretch panels around the knees, elbows, and in the lumbar area provide freedom of movement and ventilation. Pre-curved sleeves prevent bunching while driving. The collar is lower than on most other suits for a less restrictive feel. Even the knit wrist and ankle cuffs have been made lighter. Make It Amazingly Safe and Svelte, Then Add Lightness For maximum lightness, this race suit features no waist belt. The slim fitting design is simple in order to eliminate as many seams and excess material as possible. The understated stripes are even printed to save every ounce. All colors have black knit wrist and ankle cuffs, black elastic stretch panels, and fire-retardant printed iconic yellow Sabelt logos. Sabelt race suits are manufactured using three layers of Nomex for added safety and protection. They use different weights of Nomex for each model to achieve the best range of performance and value. Sabelt race suits are approved for all levels of motorsport. If you have specific questions about different suits, sizing, or really anything, feel free to contact us at (844) 438-7244. Sabelt Hero Superlight Women's TS-10 Details: Fabric weight 265 g/m² Multi-Layer Fire-Proof Nomex Materials Breathable and Ergonomic Material – Incorporated Stretch Panels Stylish Understated Design Full Floating Sleeves, Anti-Bunching Pre-Curved Arms Front “Cellphone” Pocket, No Waist Belt Sabelt Women's Race Suit Sizing:
Close-up of the Sparco Superleggera's intricate stitching and sole grip, highlighting its premium craftsmanship for racing professionals Image
Sparco Sparco Superleggera Racing Shoes $549.00
Sparco Superleggera Racing Shoes Hey speedster! Ever dreamt of slipping into a pair of shoes that make you feel like you're one with your race car? Well, dream no more. Introducing the Sparco Superleggera Racing Shoes - the evolution of the X-Light+ and the brainchild of a collaboration with none other than Formula 1 World Champion, Max Verstappen.  Features & Benefits: Formula 1 Touch: Developed with the insights and expertise of Max Verstappen. If it's good enough for a World Champion, it's good enough for you! Second Skin Comfort: The ultra-lightweight stretch fabric wraps around your foot and ankle, ensuring you feel like you're wearing a cloud. Say goodbye to dust, soil, or any other pesky track debris. Your feet are in a protective cocoon now! Breathe Easy: With a highly breathable upper, your feet will stay cool, even when the race heats up. From the toe box to the heel, you're supported, snug, and ready to conquer the track. Carbon Fiber Magic: The full Carbon Fiber inlayed sole is not just for show (though it does look pretty cool through that window). It's flexible, anti-static, and resistant to oil and fuel. Plus, with its ultra-thin design, you'll feel every pedal movement, ensuring you're in full control. Safety First: FIA 8856-2018 Approved. Because while we want you to go fast, we also want you to be safe. Specifications: Developed with Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen Ultra-lightweight stretch fabric Highly breathable upper which fits like a second skin Full Carbon Fiber inlayed sole which is anti-static, oil, and fuel resistant FIA 8856-2018 Approved So, are you ready to elevate your racing game? To feel every turn, every acceleration, and every victory? Slide into the Sparco Superleggera Racing Shoes and let the track become an extension of you. Don't just chase the checkered flag, BE the checkered flag!     
Meru Ascent Carbon Head Restraint - Competition Motorsport
Meru Meru Ascent Carbon Head Restraint $1,250.00
Meru Ascent Carbon Head Restraint With IDS Meru’s revolutionary Inertia Dampening System(IDS) has single-handedly changed how Frontal Head Restraint(FHR) manufactures will design their restraints moving forward and will push safety organizations to rewrite their current safety standards. The old thought process of leaving concussion prevention to the helmets has been upended and Meru has pushed FHR manufactures to take concussions seriously. Meru’s proprietary Inertia Dampening System will hold a competitive advantage in both concussion and neck safety.A CLIMB TO CONCUSSION PREVENTION.• IDS controls the head’s entire movement forward in an impact.• IDS prevents a sudden stop in an impact.• IDS reduces both linear and angular acceleration.• IDS has speed sensitive valving to ensure driver comfort and safety.• IDS reduces both concussion causing forces and upper neck tension.• IDS can withstand thousands of impacts• In a 70G impact IDS reduced the force through the head from over 300lbs with our best competitor, to just over 60lbs with our device, a near 80% reduction in force.• Hundreds of pounds under the SFI and FIA upper neck tension threshold.• Carbon Fiber Headrest and Collar.• Carbon Kevlar burst panel.• All titanium hardware.• Fully customized CNC’d dampener with propriety IDS technology featuringspeed sensitive valving to maximize both safety and comfort.• Moving headrest allows for universal use in all seating positions. The forces to the head in the majority of auto racing accidents come from rotational energy which promotes angular acceleration. It has become rare to have a direct linear impact to the head. Traditional FHR's solid construction and tethering prevent the ability to mitigate angular acceleration forces. With traditional FHR’s in an impact the brain and head immediately speed up and then come to an immediate stop when the tether stops the helmet, which has a similar effect to hitting your head on a wall despite not leaving a scratch on the helmet.IDS technology immediately begins slowing the impact down, controlling the helmet's movement forward, thereby reducing the transfer of angular acceleration forces to the head and brain.LOW-THRESHOLD ENERGYRecent medical research has provided alarming conclusions surrounding the causes, severity, and long-term effects of concussions. Even seemingly minor concussions may have much more serious long-term effects on the brain, especially when frequency is increased.The current crop of head restraints focus on limiting upper neck tension and leaving concussion prevention up to the helmet companies. With this well noted, the vast majority of impacts one might experience in auto racing qualify as low-threshold energy impacts; impacts well below the certification standards' pass/fail velocities, but severe enough to sustain a concussion or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Bumpy tracks, a big cushion in dirt cars, or a string of small crashes can do enough jarring to sustain a concussion or TBI without any obvious carnage to pair it with. IDS starts working the instant an impact begins and the speed sensitive valving makes the technology more compliant and progressive over a broad range of impact velocities common in ‘real world’ racing while still exceeding the global standard pass/fail requirements.HIGH-VELOCITY IMPACTSAcross the entire range of potential impact velocities, the Meru Ascent FHR with IDS technology consistently outperforms competitive designs. Meru meticulously engineers the collar, headrest, hardware, guards and IDS to provide the best possible impact mitigation performance across all impact velocities for both angular and linear accelerations.In a 70G force impact at the cape crash testing lab in Indianapolis, the Meru Ascent FHR with IDS reduced the concussion causing forces through the head from over 300 pounds with our best competition to just 63 pounds with our restraint. We were able to make those gains without giving up low-threshold energy protection or sacrificing neck safety.TIME-TO-PEAK (TTP)Time-to-Peak (TTP) is how long it takes the energy of an impact to reach maximum g-force. Deceleration time is the single most beneficial component in reducing the severity and magnitude of any impact — the more time, the less energy transferred.Because of our proprietary IDS technology, our speed sensitive dampener progressively lowers the head's velocity and almost triples the time to peak, spreading our already drastically reduced load over nearly triple the time.UPPER-NECK TENSIONThe original FHR’s were designed to limit upper neck tension. At the time auto racing's biggest problem was basal skull fracture. Caused by the whiplash motion in an impact, basal skull fracture often severed spinal cords, resulting in death. The original FHR designs did wonders for limiting how far forward the helmet could travel in an impact eliminating the finished whipping motion.In testing to see how well FHR’s do at preventing basal skull fracture, we look at upper neck tension. This number is the main pass/fail standard for the safety organization.In our mission of concussion prevention, the original FHR goal of lowered upper neck tension was not lost on us and we were able to come in several hundred pounds below the set standard either matching or besting the current industry leaders.



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