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Image of Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Micro Cooler with forced air top plate
Chillout Systems Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Micro Cooler $6,600.00
Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Micro Cooler Introducing the Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Cypher Pro Micro Cooler - the compact powerhouse for Formula-sized cooling needs. The Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra Light cooling system is designed for small cockpit race cars or teams needing to be at the lowest possible scale weight while providing driver comfort. Weighing a mere 4.7lb, this cooler is ideal for small cabins/cockpits and weight-sensitive race applications, ensuring you stay cool, focused, and in control. Its dual 175 CFM fans guarantee optimum performance, while the carbon fiber mounting plate adds to its lightweight design. Ultra-Lightweight: The Cypher weighs just 4.7 lbs, featuring a carbon fiber mounting plate for maximum efficiency. Compact & Versatile: With dimensions of 7.87" x 4.09" x 6.90", this cooler can be flexibly mounted in various locations, offering unparalleled adaptability and performance. Effortless Control: The Cypher includes a user-friendly remote, making it easy to adjust settings at your convenience. Powerful Cooling:Equipped with dual internal brushless fans, the Cypher effectively moves 350 CFM of air, eliminating the need for an inline blower. Enhance your racing experience with the Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Cypher Pro Micro Cooler - your ultimate solution for staying cool and in control on the track. CHILLOUT CYPHER PRO ULTRA-LIGHT KIT DETAILS: Manufacturer: Chillout Manufacturer part number: CO-CYP1 Size: 7.87” x 4.09” x 6.90” Weight: 5.7lbs Input voltage: 10.6 - 14.2 Mounting plate material: Carbon fiber  CHILLOUT CYPHER PRO ULTRA-LIGHT KIT INCLUDES: 1x In-line voltage converter. 1x Carbon Fiber Mounting Plate. 1x Carbon Fiber Plenum 1x Wiring harness. 1x fill/priming bottle  1x Wired remote  36 inches of coolant tubes 1x External fan wiring harness. This is used to power a 12 volt external fan when eliminating the top fans and utilizing the carbon plenum. This is an option in place of the dual 175 cfm fans allowing a 3 inch duct to permanently attach in their place. When using this duct, a 3 inch 275 CFM fan (Uber3) is required for operation.  LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN At a featherweight 5.7lbs, the carbon fiber intensive Cypher is the lightest Chillout cooler to date. Constructed using the lightest, most advanced materials, the 5.7lbs weight also includes the carbon fiber quick-release mounting plate.  SMALL FOR A REASON Crew chiefs always need more space. The Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra-Lite measures 7.87” x 4.09” x 6.90” to increase your mounting location options. DASH MOUNTED MULTI FUNCTION REMOTE The easy to install remote control allows you to change your shirt temperature, Now control your remote mounted Chillout Cypher while strapped into your race seat. DUAL 175 CFM FANS Utilizing two 175 cfm internal brushless fan motors you will achieve 350 cfm of cooling air. This eliminates the need for an external blower system and the smallest footprint inside your race car.
The Stilo Venti WRC is the update of the legendary WRC helmet as worn by multiple rally champions.
Stilo Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber Helmet 8860-2018 $6,500.00
Stilo Venti WRC ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet Uncompromising Safety and Performance The new Stilo Venti WRC line of helmets celebrates the twenty year anniversary of Stilo Helmets and features lightweight, durable carbon fiber shell construction using the smallest of three available shell sizes for for the smallest and lightest helmet available. The Stilo Venti WRC helmet shell is manufactured in the Stilo carbon fiber factory in Italy. It is made even lighter using Stilo's innovative PURO technology which saves weight by eliminating the final clear-coat layer, providing maximum protection without compromising on weight or comfort. Designed specifically for motorsport enthusiasts, the Stilo Venti WRC is built to withstand the demands of high-speed racing, ensuring optimal safety during intense driving scenarios. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO 8860 helmets have an all-new shell design specifically to allow for integration with the groundbreaking Stilo 'WL' wireless communication system. Stilo ZERO helmets are designed for ultimate weight-saving while exceeding the ultra stringent FIA 8860-2018 requirements for safety. Venti WRC ZERO 8860 carbon helmets, as with all the ZERO helmets in Stilo's lineup, have been developed for the most discerning competitor. Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber Helmet is FIA 8860-2018 Certified This Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet holds the prestigious FIA 8860-2018 certification, meeting the highest safety standards set by the FIA. It guarantees top-tier protection for professional and amateur racers alike. With its unique ventilation system, the Stilo Venti WRC ZERO offers superior airflow, keeping you cool and focused even during long races or under extreme conditions. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet's aerodynamic design reduces drag, allowing for enhanced performance and improved stability at high speeds, giving you a competitive edge on the track. The interior padding of the Stilo Venti WRC ZERO can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring a fresh and comfortable fit for every race. Leading Edge Communication Technology Only From Stilo Every Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet is equipped with innovative noise-canceling features and a redesigned boom with all new geometry for maximum visibility and sound quality. This minimizes external distractions, allowing you to maintain focus and concentration on the track ahead. This helmet features Stilo's innovative wireless (WL) communication system. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO retains the market-leading Stilo WRC helmet electronics system, but the comms port has been re-designed for use with the WL wireless key (sold separately). This allows the driver and co-driver to continue to communicate even outside he car. And it conforms perfectly to  the shell so it doesn't interfere with FHR posts or straps. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO helmet's electronics are also compatible with traditional Stilo wired amplifiers. Aggressive New Design, Same Premium Rally Helmet Pedigree The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO features an all new aggressive design featuring an adjustable visor, providing optimal visibility and allowing you to customize your field of view for different driving conditions. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet is a professional-grade helmet trusted by professionals, representing the pinnacle of safety and performance in motorsport by offering uncompromising quality for your racing needs. Invest in the Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Carbon Fiber helmet today and experience unparalleled safety, comfort, and performance. Dominate every course with confidence and stay ahead of the competition. The Stilo Venti WRC ZERO is the update of a legendary WRC helmet worn by multiple rally champions. Supplied with factory fitted HANS Post anchors as standard. How to Correctly Measure Your Head for a Stilo Venti WRC ZERO The most effective helmet is one that fits properly. To measure your head, have an assistant use a dressmaker's tape or a piece of string to measure the circumference of your head. Start at a point about an inch above your eyebrows, looping around the back of your head at the point that results in the largest measurement, and finally around to the front again. It's a good idea to take two or three measurements to make sure you have the largest one. This helmet will ship with signature required for delivery.
Stilo ST5 FN ABP ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet in stock with the biggest discounts and lowest prices for the best deal IMAGE
Stilo Stilo ST5 FN ABP ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet $6,200.00
Stilo Helmets ST5 FN ABP ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon Helmet Stilo's Most Advanced Auto Racing Helmet The Advanced Ballistic Protection (ABP) features reinforced areas above the visor opening, which is 10mm lower than non-ABP models. In short, this is the highest specification helmet ever developed. The Stilo ST5 FN ABP ZERO 8860-2018 carbon helmet was designed for professional racers needing to satisfy the strict FIA 8860-2018 regulation. It’s also the helmet of choice for drivers who won’t compromise their safety, no matter where they’re racing. This certification provides an unparalleled level of puncture protection and impact resistance. Try as you may, you won’t find a safer, lighter-weight helmet anywhere. Ultra Light Weight But Heavy On Features The Stilo ST5 FN ABP ZERO 8860-2018 is the lightest-weight carbon fiber racing helmet on the market. While it lacks the integrated side ports of the Stilo Helmets ST5 GT 8860-2018 carbon helmet, it can still be outfitted with top forced air and a helmet eject system. The innovative design incorporates mounting and routing for these options at the time of manufacture, so integration is sleek and seamless with nothing hanging down or otherwise getting in the way. When not in use, you don't even know these features are there. Looking for increased visibility? The Stilo Helmets ST5 N ZERO 8860-2018 has a taller, lower-set eye port, giving you better visibility while not compromising safety. Stilo visors use a center pinch-clip to make opening and closing easy, even while wearing Nomex racing gloves. We have found that customers who typically wear a size 59 in other brands are most comfortable in a Stilo size 60, which uses the large shell. Please order accordingly. Stilo ST5 FN ABP ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet Details: FIA 8860-2018 certified Small shell weight: 2.1 lbs (930g) up to size L (59) Large shell weight: 2.7 lbs (1230g) up to size 3XL (64) Includes standard HANS post anchors Includes Stilo Helmet and HANS Bag Sizing from XS through 3XL All Stilo ST5 shields are compatible with this helmet Eight top ventilation holes (can be used with Stilo ST5 Helmet Top Air System sold separately.) Re-designed cheek pads are more contoured and comfortable than previous Stilo helmets Stilo ZERO shells are the lightest FIA 8860-2018 helmets available Replacement Stilo ST5 FIA8860-2018 ABP Visors For the GT version of this helmet (with integrated side ports), please see the Stilo Helmets ST5 GT ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet. This helmet will require a signature for delivery.
Cool shirt Coolshirt 3001-0004 6 person heavy duty pit crew cooler image
Coolshirt Coolshirt Six-Person Complete Pit Crew Cooling Station (Heavy duty 75qt Roto-style Cooler) $5,850.00
Coolshirt Six-Person Complete Pit Crew Cooling Station A COOL PIT CREW IS A SAFE, EFFICIENT ONE! The Coolshirt Pit Crew Cooling Station is a system is built around a 75-quart heavy duty Yeti-style roto form-style cooler to ensure that you and your crew stay cooler for longer. The cooler features a water port panel allowing up to six connections, with a dual-pump system for enhanced efficiency to make sure everyone gets cool water flow. Each connection uses Coolshirt's dry-break safety pull release system, so the water lines will pull loose with as little as 21 pounds of force. This is a great safety feature in the event that someone forgets to disconnect from the system in the bustle of a busy pit or garage. The system also includes six premium fire retardant, moisture-wicking short sleeve cooling shirts (sizes Small to 3XL) and 12 safety pull hoses (12 feet each). The Coolshirt Pit Crew Station is rugged enough to operate reliably even in the harsh environment of pit road! SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)Dimensions: 32" × 23.5" × 19.5"Continuous Cooling Capacity: 300 Watts (1023 BTU) per hour



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