Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Luxury Pro Coilover Kit
Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Luxury Pro Coilover Kit from $2,295.00
Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Luxury Pro Coilover Suspension Unplugged Performance Pro series coilovers offer more comfort and better handling than stock, adding many perks over the factory Tesla Model 3 suspension. They offer height adjustability allowing you to set the vehicle to your desired stance. You can also fine-tune how soft or firm the suspension rides with 32-way damping adjustability. More Comfort and Better Handling The Unplugged Performance Luxury Pro Coilovers bring more comfort and enjoyability to your Model 3 driving experience. These are engineered to soften the ride over normal and extreme bumps in the road in your everyday driving of your EV. Developed by Unplugged Performance's top suspension engineers, the Luxury Pro coilovers are the result of years of testing, hundreds of thousands of road miles and race track fine-tuning. The result is a solution that's perfect if you’re seeking maximum comfort in your Tesla Model 3. Applications for all Model 3 variants, including Model 3 Dual Motor Performance, Model 3 Dual Motor Long and Standard Range, and Model 3 Rear Wheel drive models. More Comfort for a More Luxurious Experience Adjustable ride height independent of shock preload Adjustable damping to fine-tune comfort and handling Lowering: from 0.0" to 2.0" max Monotube design Swift springs included Designed, engineered and valved specifically for the Tesla Model 3 Development History of the Luxury Pro Coilovers In October 2017, Unplugged Performance assembled a suspension dream team from around the industry with the goal of developing multiple top-end suspension products. Before the end of 2017, the team had fitted their first coilover prototypes, the world’s first Model 3 coilovers. They then spent a year dialing in the valving and functionality to perfection before releasing it to customers. In 2019, Unplugged Performance brought Randy Pobst on board to add top-tier professional driving feedback. Randy validated the fantastic results Unplugged Performance was seeing, along with advising them on optimizations that found their way into the May 2019 and forward production runs. Years later, Unplugged Performance continues to improve the Luxury Pro coilovers for better comfort, higher performance, better handling and longer life. Unplugged Performance Model 3 Luxury Pro Coilover Set Details: Height Adjustable: fully personalize the height of your Model 3 from factory height to slammed! Damping Adjustable: one easy-to-use 32-way adjustable control simultaneously adjusts both Rebound and Compression damping. Settings range from very soft and compliant at one end to quite firm at the other end, letting you choose how smooth or sporty you want your Model 3 to be. High-end monotube design: lighter and more consistent performance when driven hard than less expensive twin tube designs. Correct droop setting at any height: independent ride height adjustment maintains correct spring preload without sacrificing handling at different heights. Swift linear-rate springs: the best coilover spring money can buy. Easy-to-access external adjustment knob included for fast access in the "frunk." Luxury Pro coilovers utilize high-grade internal technology and every shock is shock-dyno’d for quality control and to validate consistent results. High flow D-port pistons plus super-low friction seals and rod guide bushings. Progressive bump stops. Retains factory upper mounts to mitigate the transmission of noise and vibration into the passenger cabin. Installation, height adjustment, and preload adjustments should be performed by a professional installer. Assembled in the USA. Rebuildable and re-valvable in the USA.
Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Enduro Drive Unit Cooler
Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Enduro Drive Unit Cooler from $595.00
Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Enduro Drive Unit Oil Cooler & Magnetic Filter Run cooler. Run longer. The Enduro Drive Unit Oil Cooler and Magnetic Filter from Unplugged Performance is a direct replacement of the factory drive unit oil filter on Tesla Model 3. Drive unit cooling capacity is increased by utilizing an efficient radial-finned design combined with a ~10% higher capacity enclosure. In addition to running cooler, your Tesla Model 3's electric motor is safeguarded by dual magnetic-media filters that extract ferrous metal debris from the drive unit. Each Enduro Drive Unit Cooler also has larger-capacity traditional filter with finer 5-micron filtration media. The end result is a drive unit that runs cooler and cleaner. This is the same unit used on the Unplugged Performance Pikes Peak Model 3 that broke EV production car-based lap records at Laguna Seca and Buttonwillow Raceway. Enhanced Drive Unit Cooling The Unplugged Performance Enduro Drive Unit Coolers are optimized for their respective drive unit to provide maximum volumetric sizing. An thermodynamically efficient radial fin design machined from billet aluminum, each unit is finished in a heat-efficient hard-anodized treatment. As a result, each Enduro Drive Unit Cooler has more fluid capacity and better thermal characteristics than the oil filter it replaces. Built To Last a Lifetime The Unplugged Performance Enduro Drive Unit Cooler is designed for lifetime use on your Tesla Model 3. Its internal K&N oil filter is easily replaceable during standard intervals and widely available worldwide. There's even a convenient drain plug for quick sampling of oil to keep tabs on the mechanical health of your drive units. Unplugged Performance Enduro Drive Unit Cooler Features: Larger internal filter surface area with 5-micron filter media (finer than OEM). Uses easily-replaceable K&N filtration technology. K&N Replacement Part #KN-155 for Front (smaller cooler). K&N Replacement Part #KN-650 for Rear (bigger cooler). Approx. 10% increased power-unit fluid volume. Internal dual ‘Magnetic Media’ debris catch Radial cooling fin heat-sink design for maximum heat transfer. Conventional drain plug for easy fluid sampling/testing. Racing-spec billet aluminum construction. Hard-anodized in black for maximum heat rejection.
Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arms v3
Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arms v3 $420.00
Unplugged Performance Billet Rear Camber Arms V3 Have a lowered Tesla Model 3? Lowering your car introduces more negative camber in the rear, in most cases more than ideal. The stock rear camber is not adjustable, which is why you need the Unplugged Performance Billet Rear Camber Arm Set for your lowered Tesla Model 3. Developed with feedback from development and racing driver Randy Pobst combined with real-world use data, this latest version of Unplugged Performance Billet Rear Camber Arms is lighter and stronger than ever. Unplugged Performance spent the time to engineer the world’s best product, and the results are easy to see. A Must for Lowered Cars, Street or Race Track On a street car, having adjustable rear camber gives you improved tire longevity and better straight-line braking by allowing you to return to factory rear camber alignment settings on lowered cars.For a high-performance driver looking to maximize handling, having the ability to set the rear camber on your Model 3 lets you dial in your Tesla's handling. Silent Running and Low Vibration Both the Unplugged Performance Street and Track Day versions of their Billet Rear Camber Arm Set use a high-end German OEM sealed and self-lubricating spherical Teflon bearing. Prioritization on reduced noise and vibration utilizing an OEM sealed bearing sourced from Mercedes-Benz. This design offers reduced deflection, meaning that when driving hard, the alignment is more consistent mid-corner, which improves handling feel and predictability. Far superior to rubber or urethane bushings. This results in quiet use, reduced vibration, low maintenance and long life. This is directly comparable in feel, and quiet usage to other sealed bearing designs on the market. Preset Every Time Every Unplugged Performance camber arm is assembled in a jig that's preset to match the factory Tesla rear camber arm length. This simplifies installation by giving you a factory camber baseline with every set. Billet Aluminum for Superior Strength Crafted from high-grade billet aluminum, the Unplugged Performance Adjustable Rear Camber Arms are not only lightweight but also boast an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio. This ensures they withstand the rigors of aggressive driving and competition use. Meticulous attention to design detail guarantees a perfect fit for your Tesla Model 3, seamlessly integrating with the vehicle's suspension system. CNC machined from billets of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, with a rugged and corrosion-resistant Cerakote clear finish to showcase the billet construction. Adjustability is at the heart of these camber arms, providing you with the flexibility to fine-tune your vehicle's rear alignment for optimal tire contact patch under heavy cornering loads. This precision adjustment capability allows for enhanced grip and stability, enabling you to push your Model 3 to its limits while maintaining control. Whether dialing in your suspension for a specific track or adjusting for tire wear, these camber arms offer the adaptability you need to stay ahead of the competition. Installation is straightforward, with clear instructions that allow for a hassle-free setup, ensuring you spend less time in the garage and more time on the road or at the track. Sold/priced in pairs.
Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Adjustable Front/Rear Sway Bars
Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Adjustable Front/Rear Sway Bars from $285.00
Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Adjustable Front & Rear Sway Bar Set Developed in conjunction with racing driver Randy Pobst, the Unplugged Performance adjustable sway bar system is an easily-felt upgrade to your Tesla Model 3’s handling. Body roll is immediately reduced, and you’ll feel improved chassis balance and tracking. Three easy adjustments on both the front and rear allow fine-tuning your Tesla Model 3's handling to your driving style and the road or track at hand. High-performance polyurethane bushings are included. The Proof is in the Record-Setting Times Used on multiple record-setting time attack builds as well as hundreds of daily driven cars around the world, including a Model S that beat a McLaren F1’s time at Tsukuba Circuit and set a Buttonwillow lap record with the Street & Track spec sway bars. Optimized to Suit Your Needs Front & rear sway bar sizes are optimized and extensively tested to ensure they work in balance. For maximum performance, we suggest a full paired set. Individual rear sway bars are available in a slightly different spec (still three-way adjustable) designed and tested for use with the factory front sway bar. Racing & Competition versions are designed for cars running on racing slicks and/or extreme use demanding an even larger rear bar. Track testing results will be announced in the future.Tesla Model 3 Standard Range and Standard Range Plus models require one or the other of the following parts to install the rear sway bar. (They do not come with a rear sway bar from the factory.): Unplugged Performance Adjustable Rear End Links Tesla OEM end links, PNs 1044491-00-E and 1044496-00-E. Front Sway Bar Specs: Tesla standard 29mm front sway bar rate: 650 lbs/in Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate soft: 740 lbs/in Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate medium: 890 lbs/in Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate firm: 1075 lbs/in Rear Sway Bar Specs: Tesla standard 16mm rear sway bar rate: 40 lbs/in Tesla Performance model 19.6mm rear sway bar: 97 lbs/in Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate soft: 114 lbs/in Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate medium: 130 lbs/in Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate firm: 150 lbs/in Racing & Competition sizing exceeds 25mm and the three adjustable bar rates are unpublished but are a significant increase in rate. Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Sway Bar Benefits: Development & optimization by Randy Pobst (Tesla’s Track Mode driving developer). Paired front/rear tuning backed by real world street and track testing. Reduced body roll during cornering improves the driving experience and enhances driver confidence. Less body roll means more consistent and improved tire contact patch. Low-deflection polyurethane bushings improve suspension response. Improves chassis balance allowing you to dial in under- or over-steer. Faster steering response and reduced body roll without sacrificing daily comfort or adjusting spring rates. Can be enjoyed on a completely stock car, as is (also really great on fully-tuned track cars). Firm settings are optimized for cars running slicks and high-downforce aero. Soft and medium settings are suitable for daily driven cars.
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