OMP Pro Mech Evo Nomex Pit Gloves - Competition Motorsport
OMP OMP Pro Mech Evo Nomex Pit Gloves $189.00
OMP Pro Mech Evo Nomex Pit Gloves Fire retardant mechanic's gloves offering excellent protection against heat and impact. Reinforcement in high impact areas with perforated soft upper fabric located in critcal impact areas (knuckels, between thumb and forefinger, lower part of the arm). Inner seams, anti-slip silicon rubber palm and fingers. FIA 8856-2018 Homologated            
OMP Pro Mech Nomex Pit Gloves - Competition Motorsport
OMP OMP Pro Mech Nomex Pit Gloves $189.00
OMP Pro Mech Nomex Fire Resistant Mechanic Gloves FIA 8856-2000 HOMOLOGATED OMP Pro Mech mechanics gloves offer excellent protection against fire, heat and impacts, particularly during tire change and refueling pit stops. Keep crew hands safe with durable impact-protection reinforcements on the knuckles and between the thumb and forefinger. Heavy-duty anti-slip silicon rubber palms give you a strong grip on impact wrenches, fuel cans, and other tools of the racing trade. Soft, supple woven Nomex material makes these gloves fire-safe while retaining ease-of-movement. FEATURES: Fire-resistant Nomex construction High impact-resistant knuckles and thumb area Anti-slip silicon/rubber palms Bright yellow color for easy driver signalling        
Sparco Trackside Tool Roll
Sparco Sparco Trackside Tool Roll $450.00
Sparco Trackside Tool Roll Introducing the Sparco Trackside Tool Roll: Your Pit Crew in a Bag Ever been at the track and needed a tool that's back in your garage? Frustrating, right? Well, fret no more! The Sparco Trackside Tool Roll is like having a pit crew in your pocket (okay, maybe not literally, but it's pretty close). 68 Pieces of "I Got This": This isn't just a tool roll; it's a treasure chest of 68 high-quality, professional-grade BoxoUSA tools. From sockets to screwdrivers, it's got everything to tackle most jobs at the track or in your garage. And the best part? They come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. That's right, these tools are in it for the long haul, just like you. Compact Powerhouse: The beauty of this tool roll isn't just what's inside; it's the roll itself. Made from high-quality Cordura Nylon, it's like the Superman of tool bags – tough, durable, and ready for action. The compact size means it'll fit snugly in your track car or trailer, no more playing Tetris with your gear. Organized and Rattle-Free: With two pouches, one sewn and one Velcro removable, your tools stay organized and silent. No more rattling around like a box of marbles. The external straps and metal spring buckles keep everything secure, and the labeled pockets? Well, they're just the cherry on top. Product Specifications: Material: High-quality Cordura Nylon Tool Count: 68 professional-grade BoxoUSA tools Pouches: Two (one sewn, one Velcro removable) Security: Durable metal spring buckles Special Feature: Labeled internal pockets for easy tool identification FAQs: Can I add more tools to the roll? Absolutely! The roll is designed to expand, so feel free to add to your heart's content. Is it easy to carry? Yes! Its compact size and design make it a breeze to transport. How durable are the tools? Think Thor's hammer durable. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty. Call to Action: Ready to Be the Hero of Your Track Day? Say goodbye to tool-time tantrums and hello to the Sparco Trackside Tool Roll. Click [Add to Cart] and bring the power of a fully-equipped garage to the track. Be the envy of every pit lane and never be caught unprepared again. Gear up now, and let's get those engines roaring! 
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