Competition Motorsport, a thriving force in the world of motorsport, was founded in 2012 with a singular vision: to provide enthusiasts and professional racers alike with top-tier products, shipping right away, and backed by exceptional product expertise and the best possible customer service. Since our inception, we have been on a relentless journey to elevate the motorsport experience for our customers. Over the years, we've not only met but exceeded our goals, establishing ourselves as a most-trusted name in the industry.

Our story begins small, with one passionate racing enthusiast who had a deep love for the sport. Armed with a commitment to excellent service and immediate shipment, he started sourcing and supplying high-performance racing equipment, catering to the unique and demanding needs of racing clients. In 2015 a fellow racer and friend joined as a partner, and CMS was off to the races both figuratively and literally.

As our reputation for quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction grew, so did our product range. We expanded to offer a wide array of racing gear, from helmets and suits to accessories and performance parts. Our dedication to innovation led us to develop our CMS Performance line performance parts to provide customers with superior products, broader options, and Made-in-America quality. Competition Motorsport collaborates with leading brands and manufacturers to ensure that our customers always have access to the latest advancements in motorsport technology.

Today, Competition Motorsport stands as a beacon of excellence, serving a global community of track-day drivers, racing enthusiasts, and professional race teams. Our original commitment to delivering top-notch products and unparalleled customer service remains unwavering. With a passionate team, a comprehensive product lineup, and a bright future, we are poised to continue shaping the world of motorsport for years to come. Join us on this journey and experience the thrill of racing like never before with Competition Motorsport.


Competition Motorsport Team

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