CMS was founded in 2012 from a basic need of a solid source for tires, brake pads and other racing and track day essentials. As the years marched on, a slow but steady expansion has brought us forward into carrying much of the safety equipment and other essentials racers and track day enthusiasts need, in addition to manufacturing our own exhaust systems, roll bars and carbon fiber parts for many exotic car brands.

We want to be very clear here: Every single person at CMS races or otherwise spends time on the track. Not just “at” the track, but “ON” the track. We know what we use and what we want, and by extension we know the products we carry intimately. If you need expert advice on helmets, we’ve got you covered. Brakes? No problem. Head and neck restraint, fire suits, gloves, shoes, tires and everything else: at least one of us is an expert in the field and can get you what you need, when you need it.

Call Competition Motorsport today at 844-438-7244 for expert advice and the best customer service in the road racing industry.