Schuberth SF4 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet (non-ABP) 1 "a"


Helmet Size

Schuberth SF4 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet (non-ABP)


Helmet Size

Product Description:

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The Schuberth SP1 Carbvon Fiber SA2020 racing helmet fits intermediate oval head shape

Schuberth SF4 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet (non-ABP)

Highest standards available complying with the latest FIA specifications. Every SCHUBERTH helmet is produced in their own factory in Italy, by the same hands that produce the masterpiece SF3 FIA 8860 helmets used by Champion F1 driver Max Verstappen and others.

 The new leader with smallest outer shell size and lightest weight FIA 8860-2018 non-ABP helmet on the market with unparalleled adjustability and comfort.

Developed for a perfect fitting and comfort, ideal for long run with Prototype and GT cars or on single seater open cockpit where ABP homologation is not requested.

With a wide range of accessories, SF4 can adapt to every need for comfort, aerodynamics and aesthetics.

Cable channels in the cheek pads are provided for easy installation of radio communications. A full selection of plug&play integrated electronics are available as an option.

The SF4 uses exclusive, autoclave cured, carbon fiber shells masterfully handcrafted to provide a unique helmet combining light weight, solid construction and superior safety in the iconic SCHUBERTH design.

Injected visor directly derived from F1 expertise. Twelve different visors available from transparent to dark with several mirroring and multi-layer mirroring coating options. All standard visors are Pinlock® 120 lens equipped for optimum fog resistant performance. Tear-off buttons are also installed.

Two-stage visor lock ensures the visor always closes symmetrically and therefore securely. Stage One lets in a small amount of air while the visor is still securely locked. Stage Two creates a firm visor seal that will keep out fine dust or water.

Optional Zylon Visor Strip adds important reinforcement to the top portion of the visor. This strip is currently only required for IndyCar within the USA, and is not required for most other major series. This accessory can also be used by drivers looking to add additional protection in open cockpit applications. This Zylon strip does not make the helmet ABP certified and does not replace the functionality of an ABP helmet.

Please Note: Noise Reduction Earcup Speakers or Noise Reduction Earcups are not permitted for use in official FIA sanctioned events.

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Schuberth SF4 Carbon Fiber Helmet Available Accessories

Schuberth SF4 Carbon Fiber Helmet Weight

  •  Small Shell: XS\54 - S\55 - M\57 - L\58-59, 2.78 lb +/- 1.05 oz
  • Large shell L+\60-61 - XL\61+, 2.99 lb +/- 1.05 oz

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