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OMP One Evo FX Race Boots




Product Description:

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OMP One Evo FX Race Boots

Hey speed seekers and track day heroes! Ready to step into the boots of champions? Introducing the OMP One Evo FX Race Boots – the footwear of choice for top guns in motorsports, from the adrenaline-pumping world of F1 to the high-octane realms of GT racing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-Lightweight Design: Feel like you're walking on air, not just because you're in the winner's circle, but because these boots are seriously feather-light.
  • Breathable Fire Resistant Fabric: Keep cool under pressure. These boots aren't just about speed; they're about keeping your feet as chill as your driving style, even when things heat up.
  • New Generation Sole for Optimal Control: Grip those pedals like your life depends on it. The incredible sensitivity of these soles lets you feel every vibration, every shift, every heartbeat of your car.
  • Carbon Fibre Inserts for Consistent Feedback: It's like having a direct line to your car's soul. The rigidity of the sole translates into precise, razor-sharp pedal control.
  • Reinforced for Protection and Durability: More durable than your average racing rival. The reinforced toe and heel mean you're protected and your boots last longer than a season's rivalry.
  • FIA 8856-2018 Approved: Safety? Check. Style? Double check. These boots meet the latest FIA standards, so you're always race-ready and regulation-compliant.


  • Approval: FIA 8856-2018
  • Material: Fire resistant fabric, Nomex inner, Carbon fibre inserts
  • Closure System: Lightweight lace, Velcro strap
  • Special Features: Ultra-lightweight, breathable, reinforced toe and heel


Q: How do the OMP One Evo FX boots enhance my driving? A: With their ultra-sensitive soles and lightweight design, these boots improve your pedal control, making every shift and acceleration more precise.

Q: Are these boots comfortable for long races? A: Absolutely! The breathable fabric and Nomex inner lining ensure comfort, even in the most grueling of endurance races.

Ready to step into greatness? Lace up a pair of OMP One Evo FX Race Boots and feel the difference that top-tier gear makes. Don't just chase the pack – lead it. Click 'Add to Cart' and join the ranks of racing's elite. Your podium awaits!

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