Driven XP6 Synthetic 15W-50 Racing Oil 1 Quart 1 "a"


Driven XP6 Synthetic 15W-50 Racing Oil 1 Quart


DRIVEN XP6 Synthetic 15W-50 Racing Oil


  • Buy 5-11 quarts, save $0.50 per quart
  • Buy 12 or more, save $1.00 per quart


Driven Synthetic Racing Oils are specially formulated for the specific needs of racing engines. The engineers and engine builders at Joe Gibbs Racing have put in countless hours perfecting this oil to maximize horsepower and protect vital parts. This line of synthetic racing oil offers the best protection available with improved cold start protection.


  • A full synthetic, 15W-50 version of their race-proven XP1 Racing Oil.
  • Provides excellent bearing oil film thickness and high temperature protection.
  • Designed for aluminum blocks and looser clearances.
  • Recommended for methanol fuel and high temperature applications (oil temperatures above 240°F).
  • Can be blended with XP1, XP2, XP3 or XP0. Consult the Driven blending guide for blending specifications.
  • For use in high compression engines.


Be it for a flat tappet camshaft or hypoid ring and gear set, Driven Racing Oil products have the correct additives for that application. You do not need to add an aftermarket oil treatment to any Driven Racing Oil product. Every Driven Racing Oil lubricant is carefully formulated to provide the necessary protection for its specific application. The use of an aftermarket oil treatment may degrade the performance of the lubricant- a situation called “additive clash”. To avoid this, do not use any aftermarket additives with any Driven Racing Oil product. 

Every Driven Racing Oil lubricant is designed to complement the other Driven lubricants- creating a synergistic effect where the whole protective package is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Using different brands of assembly lube, break-in oil and race oil may not yield this effect.

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