Stand21 Porsche Motorsport Daytona 3 Racing Shoe (FIA 8856-2018) 1 "a"



Stand21 Porsche Motorsport Daytona 3 Racing Shoe (FIA 8856-2018)



Product Description:

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Porsche Motorsport Daytona 3 Racing Shoe (FIA 8856-2018)

Officially Licensed Porsche Motorsport Gear

Stand21 Porsche Motorsport Daytona III Shoe ImageFEATURES

  • Porsche Motorsport Daytona III shoes

  • Low cut shoes incl. Porsche Motorsport logo,

  • Premium suede leather quality, reinforced stiffer heel,

  • shock-absorbing heel, ergonomic and tailored-sole to offer the perfect feeling,

  • extra velcro-fastening strap offers firm hold by lacing up to ankle, FIA 8856-2018,

  • Technical data:

  • - Finest quality supple suede for more comfort

  • - Reinforced stiffer heel

  • - Curved sole around the heel

  • - EVA Micro-cellular material shock-absorbing heel

  • - Ergonomic sole

  • - Anti-vibration ATV hydrocarbon resistant sole

  • - Edge-to-edge assembly avoiding stuck shoes

  • - Firm hold by lacing up to the ankle

  • - Ankle Velcro-fastening straps

  • - Contoured and padded tongue

  • - Fully lined in aramid

  • - Padded ankle and malleolus protection

  • European sizes from 36 to 47

    Stand21 Porsche Daytona III Race Shoe Size Chart

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