BBS FI-R Evo McLaren 720/765 Forged Line Exclusive Series Wheels - Complete Package 1 "a"




BBS FI-R Evo McLaren 720/765 Forged Line Exclusive Series Wheels - Complete Package




Complete Wheel Package for your McLaren 720/765

BBS FI-R Evo Forged Line Exclusive Series

Behold the newest feat of German engineering that's rolled right out of the BBS skunkworks – the BBS FI-R Evo Wheels, tailor-made for the McLaren 720/765LT. Because let's face it, your McLaren is already a beast; now it's time to give it the shoes to match.

Introducing the BBS FI-R Evo: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your McLaren

Remember the BBS FI-R? The wheel that made car enthusiasts go weak at the knees? It's back, sleeker, lighter, and with more swagger – the BBS FI-R Evo. These wheels aren't just an accessory; they're a statement – a declaration that you're here to grip the asphalt with every fiber of your being.

Weight Savings to Make a Supermodel Jealous

With more cutouts in each spoke than a high-fashion evening gown, the BBS FI-R Evo wheels shave off those pesky pounds where it really matters. We're talking unsprung weight – and in the world of racing and high-performance driving, that's like winning the weight lottery. Imagine the handling, the acceleration, the sheer, unadulterated joy as your McLaren dances around corners, lighter on its feet than a ballet dancer on payday.

Tailored to the McLaren 720/765LT

The BBS FI-R Evo isn't just a one-size-fits-all affair. No, sir. These wheels are as bespoke as a custom-tailored suit from Savile Row, engineered to perfection for your McLaren. With vehicle-specific fitments, you're not just buying a wheel; you're investing in a piece of precision that fits your ride like a glove.

Drive It to Believe It

The moment these wheels are on, you won't just see the difference. Oh no. You'll feel it. You'll feel it in the pit of your stomach as you rev the engine. You'll feel it in the grip as you take on the twisties. You'll feel it in the looks of pure envy as you roll up to the track day. This isn't just driving; it's driving reincarnated.

Product Specs for the Connoisseurs:

  • Designed for McLaren 720/765LT
  • Significant weight savings with innovative spoke cutouts
  • Engineered for durability and performance
  • Legendary BBS craftsmanship
  • Your ticket to the winner's circle

So here's the deal. You could roll on those stock rims, or you could give your McLaren the royal treatment it deserves with the BBS FI-R Evo wheels. Don't just take the lead – take it with style, precision, and a set of wheels that tells the world you mean business.

Ready to Evolve Your Drive?

Don't just browse; become the envy of every McLaren owner on the block. Click that button and transform your ride with the BBS FI-R Evo Wheels. Your McLaren is begging for it. Your heart knows it. Your garage is ready for it. It's time to evolve. Add to Cart and let the revolution begin.

These McLaren-specific BBS Forged Line Exclusive Series wheels are typically made-to-order, but Competition Motorsport does keep many colors, sizes, and offsets in stock. Please call one of our BBS wheel specialists for a personalized quote and availability today at (844) 438-7244.  Call and speak to one of our specialists today.  We will make sure you get everything just right for your set of incredible BBS wheels at a price no one can beat.


  • 19x9: 17.3 lbs.
  • 20x11.5: 20.5 lbs.

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