AMT Motorsport Corvette C5 To C8 Ultra-Low Seat Mount 1 "a"



AMT Motorsport Corvette C5 To C8 Ultra-Low Seat Mount



AMT Ultra-Low Seat Mount For Corvette C5 Through C8

Sub Strap Mount Included

The Best Way to Put Proper Seats in Your Corvette

Throughout the years, the iconic Corvette has been equipped from the factory with many great features. Unfortunately, the seats aren't one of them. Those Corvette drivers who have added a proper racing seat to their Corvette often say it's the most important mod they've made to increase their track-day enjoyment and safety. However, a proper racing seat should be mounted from the side on fixed mounts, not using the OEM seat hardware. As a result, headroom becomes a concern with any racing seat in a Corvette, but AMT Motorsports has effectively eliminated that concern with the Ultra-Low Seat Mount.

The Benefit of Innovative Design

Countless development hours were spent making the Ultra-Low Seat Mount the best available for the Corvette. (The only way to get your seat lower in your car is to cut a hole in it!) The bottom of the seat can literally touch the floor in your Corvette. By machining a perfect hex in the mounts to accept the mounting bolts for the side brackets, AMT maximizes seat clearance. This machined hex also removes an extra wrench (and a whole lot of headache) from the install process.

These seat mounts are machined from 6061-T6 extruded aluminum. Rather than allow the side brackets to only sit on bolts, AMT machines the brackets so there's a perfect mechanical interface with the bottom and side of each floor mount, increasing stiffness and strength. Included with every mount are studs and hardware to allow the mount to be bolted using the factory Corvette seat studs.

Sub Strap Bar Included

Finally, there's a movable cross bar to accept five- and six-point sub straps. This sub-strap bar is bolted to the floor mounts with flat head screws, and there are two more holes in the cross bar in case your sanctioning body requires you to bolt the bar through the floor. Two eye-bolts are included with the cross bar. We don't recommend using a different sub-strap bar with the AMT mount since you'll need to modify either the mount or the sub-strap bar to get it to fit.

Lifetime Guaranteed Quality

As with everything AMT makes, these mounts and sub-strap bars are proudly 100% made in the USA. If any part of the mount fails for any reason, AMT Motorsport will replace the offending part free of charge.

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