AiM Solo 2 & Solo 2 DL RPM and Power Wiring Harness 1 "a"


AiM Solo 2 & Solo 2 DL RPM and Power Wiring Harness


AiM Solo 2 & Solo 2 DL Vehicle Power Wiring Harness

Now you can power your AiM Solo 2 and Solo 2 DL for your entire endurance race without the need to charge the battery. The power cable that comes with the AiM Solo 2 in the package is set up for a cigarette lighter connection, but this is a hard wire connection for true race cars. This harness connects your AiM Solo 2 to your vehicle's fuse box wiring. One end has a 5-pin 712 (screw-in) connector to fit the Solo, and the other has 2 non-terminated wires (Power and Ground).

AiM Solo 2 & Solo 2 DL Vehicle Power Wiring Harness Details:

  • Manufacturer: Aim
  • Manufacturer part number: V02589020
  • Fits Solo DL: No
  • Fits Solo 2 DL: Yes
  • Fits Solo Base Model: No
  • Fits Solo 2 Base Model: Yes
  • Pins on AiM Solo Side: 5 Pin Thread on connector
  • Vehicle Chassis Ends: 2 Non terminated wires
  • Vehicle Chassis Ends Break Out: Power, and Ground

If you are putting a Solo2 into an older vehicle and need a direct to battery/fuse box power supply cable, use this harness for an easy install. 


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