Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer 1 "a"


Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer


Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer

The Best Way to Keep Your Helmet Gloves and Shoes Fresh and Dry

Simpson’s newest antibacterial multi-equipment dryer circulates air in a temperature controlled environment to safely dry helmets, gloves, and footwear. It’s hard to put that wet smelly helmet back on your head. What’s happening to your expensive equipment? The truth is cheek pads and liners degrade over time from perspiration and bacteria. Keep your equipment in peak condition longer by stopping mold and mildew before it starts. You can focus on your driving or riding and quickly refresh between events.

Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer Features:

  • Disinfects & sanitizes
  • Anti-bacterial to eliminate odors and control bacteria growth
  • Temperature and timer settings
  • Simple design easily accommodates multiple styles and sizes of equipment1
  • Dual dryer ports
  • 110 volt operation

A Note Regarding Ozone

Ozone is widely used for sterilization. The Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer generates ozone using the corona discharge method. It is a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent smell, detectable by many people at concentrations as low as 0.01 ppm in air. Ozone is formed naturally from diatomic oxygen by electric discharge or exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and has many industrial and consumer applications related to oxidation. It's used to deodorize air, purify water, disinfect kitchen tools and treat industrial waste. This same oxidizing property, however, can cause ozone to damage mucous and respiratory tissues.

Therefore, for safety and comfort purposes, we recommend using the Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer only in a space with adequate ventilation. We also recommend staying away from it while it is disinfecting gear with ozone.

1 Helmet, gloves, and shoes pictured are not included. They are shown for illustrative purposes only.

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