Lifeline Heat Detection Cable - Protectowire 356F - 180C 1 "a"



Lifeline Heat Detection Cable - Protectowire 356F - 180C



Heat Detection Cable Protectowire 356oF / 180oC

Priced by the Meter

Protectowire is an electrical circuit containing heat-sensitive materials. When the outer covering melts, the wires will make contact and complete the circuit, activating the fire system. This can be a critical extra safety feature especially if the driver becomes incapacitated in an accident.


  • Mount along the ceiling of the cabin using an "S-pattern".
  • Some additional wiring may be required between the Protectowire and your system's electrical trigger.
  • Use care to not crimp or crease the outer sheath and create a weak spot.
  • Keep away from heat sources including the engine compartment, transmission, differential, exhaust, direct sunlight, or hot surfaces.
  • Keep away from any sharp edges that could cut or cause an abrasion on the sheathing.
  • An inline plug can be used to disconnect the sensor cable during storage, transport, etc.

The cable we sell is set to trigger at 356°F (180°C).

Currently, Protectowire is only compatible with Lifeline electric systems.

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