Forgeline GE1R Wheels (Porsche Centerlock) 1 "a"


Forgeline GE1R Wheels (Porsche Centerlock)


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The eight-spoke center-locking Forgeline GE1R represents the absolute latest in advanced wheel technology, including one-piece forged monoblock construction, motorsport engineered design, and I-beamed spokes and spans. It combines head-turning good looks with race-ready strength and durability.

The Forgeline GE1R is a fully-forged one-piece monoblock wheel that is 30% stiffer than the popular GS1R, minimizing wheel deflection under load for incredibly precise control. The concave eight-spoke design of the GE1R offers generous caliper clearance for large racing-brake fitments. Forgeline's computer-simulated FEA design process yields a wheel that is very lightweight and extremely stiff, with excellent fatigue strength.

The GE1R is engineered exclusively for Porsche center lock applications such as the GT3 and GT3RS; it can be equipped with a special center lock to accommodate Porsche Cup Car and RSR hub assemblies. 

Available in 18, 19, 20, and 21-inch diameters, the GE1R is fully customizable with thousands of finish options!


  • One-Piece Monoblock Forged 6061-T6 Construction
  • Concave Profile
  • Eight-Spoke Design
  • Engineered for Porsche Center Lock Fitments
  • I-Beamed Spoke Technology
  • I-Beamed Spoke Spans Along the Lip
  • Extremely Lightweight, Stiff, and Strong
  • Generous Brake Caliper Clearance
  • Accommodates Porsche Cup Car Pressure Washer and Hub
  • Customizable Finish Options
  • Legendary Forgeline Quality
Forgeline Wheel Finishes

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