Forgeline GA1R Wheels (5 Lug) 1 "a"


Forgeline GA1R Wheels (5 Lug)


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Forgeline GA1R (Five-Lug) Racing Wheels

Custom Made From the #1 Name In Racing Wheels

Forgeline GA1R wheels, like all Forgelines, are custom made-to-order. Call and talk to a Competition Motorsport racing wheel specialist today at (844) 438-7244 to discuss the details of your custom Forgeline wheel build. Our experts will make sure you get sizing, offsets, finishes, and every other detail exactly right for your application!

Forgeline GA1R: A Road Racing Icon

The Forgeline GA1R is machined from a fully-forged 6061-T6 aluminum billet. This one-piece monoblock wheel utilizes much of the technology and design of the very successful GA3R racing wheel, including Forgeline's exclusive I-Beamed Spoke technology. The concave design of the GA1R not only looks great but allows plenty of room for caliper clearance and extreme brake fitment, while the one-piece monoblock forging and I-beamed spoke design yield a wheel that is extremely stiff with fatigue strength equal to the proven GA3R.

Despite its strength, for most applications the GA1R delivers a high-performance weight reduction. This makes it perfect for motorsports and racing applications, or for the discerning street enthusiast who demands the ultimate in performance and quality.

The GA1R is designed for racing, engineered with a 2,100-lb. street tire load rating to ensure strength and integrity even when subjected to the massive loads encountered using the stickiest racing tires.

The GA1R is currently available in 18, 19, 20, and 21-inch sizes with a range of widths (6" to 15") and offsets. Like any Forgeline wheel, the GA1R is available in any of hundreds of fully customizable finish options.

Forgeline GA1R Forgeed Monoblock Racing Wheel Details:

  • One-Piece Forged 6061-T6 Monoblock
  • Concave Profile
  • I-Beamed Spoke Technology
  • Extreme Stiffness and Fatigue Strength
  • 2100-lb. Street Tire Load Rating (per wheel)
  • Extremely Light Weight and High Strength
  • Generous Brake Clearance
  • Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Customizable Finish Options
  • Legendary Forgeline Quality

Forgeline Wheels are available from Competition Motorsport at the lowest price in the country

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