Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Micro Cooler 1 "a"


Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Micro Cooler


Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Micro Cooler

Introducing the Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Cypher Pro Micro Cooler - the compact powerhouse for Formula-sized cooling needs. The Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra Light cooling system is designed for small cockpit race cars or teams needing to be at the lowest possible scale weight while providing driver comfort.

Weighing a mere 4.7lb, this cooler is ideal for small cabins/cockpits and weight-sensitive race applications, ensuring you stay cool, focused, and in control. Its dual 175 CFM fans guarantee optimum performance, while the carbon fiber mounting plate adds to its lightweight design.

Ultra-Lightweight: The Cypher weighs just 4.7 lbs, featuring a carbon fiber mounting plate for maximum efficiency.

Compact & Versatile: With dimensions of 7.87" x 4.09" x 6.90", this cooler can be flexibly mounted in various locations, offering unparalleled adaptability and performance.

Effortless Control: The Cypher includes a user-friendly remote, making it easy to adjust settings at your convenience.

Powerful Cooling:Equipped with dual internal brushless fans, the Cypher effectively moves 350 CFM of air, eliminating the need for an inline blower.

Enhance your racing experience with the Ultra-Lite Carbon Fiber Cypher Pro Micro Cooler - your ultimate solution for staying cool and in control on the track.


  • Manufacturer: Chillout
  • Manufacturer part number: CO-CYP1
  • Size: 7.87” x 4.09” x 6.90”
  • Weight: 5.7lbs
  • Input voltage: 10.6 - 14.2
  • Mounting plate material: Carbon fiber 


  • 1x In-line voltage converter.
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Mounting Plate.
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Plenum
  • 1x Wiring harness.
  • 1x fill/priming bottle 
  • 1x Wired remote 
  • 36 inches of coolant tubes
  • 1x External fan wiring harness. This is used to power a 12 volt external fan when eliminating the top fans and utilizing the carbon plenum.

This is an option in place of the dual 175 cfm fans allowing a 3 inch duct to permanently attach in their place. When using this duct, a 3 inch 275 CFM fan (Uber3) is required for operation. 


At a featherweight 5.7lbs, the carbon fiber intensive Cypher is the lightest Chillout cooler to date. Constructed using the lightest, most advanced materials, the 5.7lbs weight also includes the carbon fiber quick-release mounting plate. 


Crew chiefs always need more space. The Chillout Cypher Pro Ultra-Lite measures 7.87” x 4.09” x 6.90” to increase your mounting location options.


The easy to install remote control allows you to change your shirt temperature, Now control your remote mounted Chillout Cypher while strapped into your race seat.


Utilizing two 175 cfm internal brushless fan motors you will achieve 350 cfm of cooling air. This eliminates the need for an external blower system and the smallest footprint inside your race car.

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