BMW 7075-T6 Racing Wheel Spacers 1 "a"


Spacer Thickness and Bolt Threads

BMW 7075-T6 Racing Wheel Spacers


Spacer Thickness and Bolt Threads

CMS Hub-Centric Racing Wheel Spacer Kit for BMW

Bolt Pattern: 5 x 120

Center Bore: 72.6 mm

CMS premium BMW hub-centric racing wheel spacers add a much-needed wider, more aggressive stance to your BMW. The resulting wider track not only enhances aesthetics, it also improves handling and cornering grip. 

CMS spacers are precision CNC machined from solid forgings of high-strength 7075-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum (our competitors use weaker 6061 aluminum). This allows us to skeletonize each spacer, machining out as much material as possible for ultra-light weight while maintaining superior strength. Then we hard-anodize them a deep black for exceptional beauty and durability. The result is the strongest, lightest, most durable spacers for your BMW!

Choose between 12, 15, 18, and 20mm spacers to customize the stance of your BMW sports car or sport sedan! Includes ten high-strength steel wheel bolts, or you can reduce unsprung weight with an upgrade to amazingly light and strong Titanium wheel bolts.

Our Titanium lug bolts are forged from Ti-6Al-4V aerospace-grade titanium, with rolled threads for ultimate strength. They are incredibly light weight (35% lighter than steel bolts) with higher tensile strength than even high-strength steel.


  • Two hub-centric, 7075-T6 hard anodized BMW wheel spacers (5x120 bolt pattern).
  • Precise CNC machining for perfect fit and balance.
  • Ten high-tensile steel custom wheel bolts included.
  • Optional Titanium wheel bolts for incredibly light weight and high strength.
  • Choose either 14 x 1.25 or 12 x 1.50 bolt threads.

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