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Bell Europe MAG-10 Rally Pro Open Face Helmet


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Bell MAG-10 Rally Pro Open Face Helmet

Elevate Your Rally Game with the Bell Europe MAG-10 Rally Pro

Experience the pinnacle of motorsports protection with the Bell open face helmet, fully compliant with FIA 8856-2015 homologation standards. Crafted from a lightweight yet robust fiberglass-carbon composite shell, this helmet promises durability without compromising on comfort. Key features include the state-of-the-art ZeroNoise® intercom set, a built-in Nexus socket with a removable cover, and the detachable Half Chin Bar (HCB) is designed specifically for the microphone arm.Bell Mag-10 Rally Pro offroad racing helmet available today at Competiton Motorsport

For added convenience, it comes with easily removable cheek pads. The adjustable sun peak paired with an integrated anti-scratch Dark Smoke sun screen ensures excellent vision in varying conditions. Plus, for enhanced safety, it's fitted with HANS post anchors, making it a top choice for motorsports enthusiasts who prioritize both style and safety.

Benefiting from the extensive research & development program undertaken for the HP10 Rally, the Mag-10 Rally Pro is a sophisticated, lightweight modern design giving discerning drivers a high performance open-face rally helmet. Its extremely comfortable, professional fit combined with outstanding sound-insulation makes the Bell Mag-10 Rally Pro the helmet of choice for rally drivers and co-drivers looking for a premium product.

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Bell Mag-Pro Rally Helmet Features

  • Complies with FIA 8856-2015 homologation standards
  • Lightweight fiberglass-carbon composite shell
  • ZeroNoise® intercom set integrated into the helmet
  • Features high-quality speakers, sound-isolating ear cups, and a noise-canceling mic for clear communications
  • Built-in Nexus socket with removable cover
  • Detachable chin bar for microphone arm flexibility
  • Easily removable cheek pads for comfort customization
  • Adjustable peak for varied lighting conditions
  • Integrated anti-scratch dark smoked sunscreen
  • Equipped with HANS anchors for enhanced safety
  • Designed for elite motorsports enthusiasts

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Bell Mag-10 Rally Pro Helmet Options

  • Exterior: Gloss White or Offshore Orange
  • Interior: dark grey high-strength Comfort FR® fabric
  • Adjustable visor screens available in various colors and two lengths for optimal visual comfort
  • Sizes (in cm): 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, and 61+

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