AiM Sports LCU-One Lambda Controller Kit 1 "a"


AiM Sports LCU-One Lambda Controller Kit


AiM Sports LCU-One Lambda Controller Kit

LCU-One CAN is the lambda controller unit designed to work exclusively with Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband probes, which are the quickest and most accurate way to analyse exhaust gases and provide a real time parameter related to engine carburetion.

Lambda probes can be applied to two- and four-strokes engines, gasoline, diesel, methane or alcohol based fuels.

LCU-One CAN communicates with your AiM MXL, MXL2, or MXG/MXS dash; EVO3/EVO4/EVO5 data logger; SoloDL lap timer; or MyChron4/MyChron5 kart dash via CAN. This provides lambda value, air/fuel ratio, probe temperature and diagnostics parameters. An external 12 volt battery is required to supply power to the whole AiM system, and any other AiM expansions. LCU-One CAN is the only AiM Lambda Controller compatible with MyChron5.



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