Lifeline AFFF Hand Held Extinguisher 1 "a"



Lifeline AFFF Hand Held Extinguisher



The Perfect Affordable Extinguisher For HPDE Cars

Ground Shipping Only. Pressurized bottles cannot be shipped via air.

For HPDE participants, there simply is no better affordable fire extinguisher to protect your valuable sports car if things go sideways at the racetrack.  AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) fire extinguishers are suitable for use on Class A (wood, paper, material & cloth) & Class B (flammable liquids: gasoline, spirits, diesel, etc.) fires. This Dual Class A & B rating makes the Lifeline Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguishers far superior for use in your HPDE car and trailer vs. the typical big-box store extinguisher.

These are NOT approved or intended for use as motorsports-sanctioned fire suppression systems.

All Lifeline hand held fire extinguishers are supplied complete with a bracket and two quick release straps for easy access.

Extinguishers are refillable and should be serviced every two years.

Choose from 1.0, 1.75, or 2.4 liter bottles.

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