OMP HTE-R Racing Seat (Reg or XL) - Competition Motorsport
OMP OMP HTE-R Racing Seat (Reg or XL) from $1,422.00
OMP Racing Seats HTE-R The OMP Racing Seats HTE-R, which comes in size Regular or XL, is used in pro and amateur racing series all around the world because drivers prefer its protective, halo-style design and uncommonly comfortable construction. Based on a lightweight, gel-coated fiberglass shell, the Airtex material on the upholstered surfaces allows for exceptional breathability under high-temperature conditions. OMP HTE-R seats have removable base- and back-cushions with an ergonomic, split-leg bottom cushion. They are designed to work comfortably with any HANS device and harnesses. High side-bolsters provide excellent lateral leg support and the seats are side-mount (W fixing) for supreme safety. The OMP HTE-R XL version is 20mm wider, 20mm deeper (front to back), and 40mm taller than the Regular OMP HTE-R. OMP HTE-R RACING SEAT FEATURES: FIA Homologation 8855-1999 SHELL: Fiberglass MOUNTING: W (side) HOLES: 5 WEIGHT: 9.4 to 10.5 kg (20.7 to 23.1 lbs.) HANS compatible 
Sparco Circuit QRT Racing Seats (Circuit II QRT)
Sparco Sparco Circuit QRT Racing Seats (Circuit II QRT) $1,519.00
Sparco Circuit / Circuit II QRT Racing Seat  The Circuit QRT is an ultra-light competition seat specifically designed for circuit use. Made from aramadic fiber-reinforced fiberglass with all-new QRT technology, the Circuit QRT has an ultra-light shell. The Circuit QRT includes integrated bolsters to protect the head. This seat can be used with a Hans device for even greater protection. The ultra-light shell is then wrapped in an impact-absorbing and fire retardant fabric that helps hold the body. The Circuit QRT is FIA approved and available in two sizes: Circuit QRT (Standard) and Circuit II QRT (Large).   QRT TECHNOLOGY QRT technology gives an unparalleled mechanical strength/weight ratio for fiberglass composite racing seats. QRT technology gives an average weight savings of 30% when compared to standard fiberglass technology. The main benefit is that QRT seats approach weight of carbon fiber seat at the price of a fiberglass composite seat.   TECHNOLOGY   QRT technology – 30% weight savings Ultra-light Aramadic fiber-reinforced fiberglass shell Integrated head bolsters for greater safety HANS device compatible Fire retardant fabric FIA approved DIMENSIONS
OMP HTE-R 400 Racing Seat - Competition Motorsport
OMP OMP HTE-R 400 Racing Seat $1,422.00
OMP HTE-R 400 Racing Seat The OMP HTE-R 400 racing seat gives you the same protective halo-style design as their standard HTE-R in a slimmer profile for installation in smaller cockpits. Constructed from a lightweight gel-coated fiberglass shell, the HTE-R 400 is upholstered in OMP's highly breathable Airtex material for comfort even in the hottest conditions. Removable back/base cushions and a comfortable split-leg bottom cushion give you room to customize the fit. High side bolsters offer excellent lateral support, while the large HANS-compatible shoulder harness slots ensure proper alignment for a wide range of driver heights. FEATURES: FIA 8855-1999 Homologated Gel-coated Fiberglass shell Weight: 22.4 lbs. (10.2 kg) Mounting: Side only
Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat
Sabelt Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat $1,629.00
Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat The Sabelt GT-Pad racing seat is Sabelt’s first modular seat, offering drivers the most customization available outside of a custom-built racing seat. The lightweight shell is covered with a velour fabric that is highly resistant to wear, looks great and is extremely comfortable even for extended stints when endurance racing.Additional seat pad kits (Medium, Large, and XL) are available in either red or black, making it possible to customize the seat to both your fitment needs and your design taste by utilizing different colored and/or sized pads. The Sabelt GT-Pad is a truly ground-breaking seat design bringing everyone the fit, finish, and comfort previously available only with custom-made racing seats. FEATURES: FIA 8855-1999 homologation. Medium weighs 23.5 lbs. Large weighs 23.3 lbs. XL weighs 23.1 lbs. Developed using Sabelt's experience participating in the world’s leading racing series. Integrated head protection system. Shoulders and hips designed according to the requirements of Regulation 8862 to improve driver safety. Rear structural reinforcement. Ergonomic foam sections developed through CAD simulations and tested by professional drivers to improve driving comfort. Kinderpoint anti-slip fabric on shoulder bolsters. Air Ducting System uses space between pads to improve air circulation and breathability.
Racetech RT4100HR Racing Seat
Racetech Racetech RT4100HR Racing Seat from $2,030.00
Racetech RT4100HR Racing Seat Announcing the all new Racetech 4100 Series! The RT4100HR is a standard-sized fiberglass race seat equipped with head restraint wings for enhanced safety. Racetech focused on achieving a lightweight seat shell with optimized geometry, straddling the line between a seat wide enough in the shoulders to suit an athletic build, but narrow enough to fit in most cockpits. Racetech's patented back-mount technology has migrated down from the 119- and 129-Series, giving you the option of fixing the seat to your roll cage at shoulder level. Large harness guides and a removable molded base cushion allow a range of drivers of varying heights to fit comfortably. Breathable Spacer fabric, parallel sides, and pronounced thigh support round out the features of this accomplished motorsport seat. For the larger driver, the RT4100WTHR is 60mm taller and 40mm wider than the Standard size. For those wanting a seat without head restraints, check out the Racetech RT4100 and RT4100WT. All 4100-Series seats use Racetech RTB1009M alloy side mounting brackets. Racetech RT4100HR Racing Seat Details: Gel-coat in gloss black. Seat cover is black fire-retardant nylon fabric with Spacer mesh through the torso. FIA homologation 8855-1999. Shell construction in fiberglass composite. Shell weight from 17.85 lbs. (6.1 kg). Back-mount compatible. SIZES: Standard (HR) Wide & Tall (WTHR)
Sparco Pro ADV QRT Racing Seat
Sparco Sparco Pro ADV QRT Racing Seat $1,519.00
Sparco Pro ADV QRT Racing Seat The Pro-ADV competition seat is the result of a collaborative partnership between Sparco and FIA. The goal was to identify ways to improve safety. The results are new levels in ergonomics, materials and above all safety, are all found in the Pro-ADV seat. Increased rigidity and the use of impact-absorbing materials are the major advances found in the Pro-ADV.The new PRO ADV QRT is an upgraded evolution of the original PRO ADV. The new PRO ADV QRT features a new head restraint redesign that allows better fitment with vehicles with smaller cockpits. The PRO ADV QRT will fit a medium/large size driver (up to 35 inch waist). The Pro ADV QRT is made with all-new QRT Technology which results in an ultra-light shell. The Pro-ADV QRT is FIA-approved. WHAT IS QRT? Designed and developed at the Sparco OEM Composite Laboratory in Italy, QRT is a patented state-of-the-art technical process, based on aerospace technologies. QRT creates an unparalleled mechanical strength to weight ratio. This innovative production method generates the lightest fiberglass composite seat shells currently on the market; in fact, it guarantees a reduction in total weight of up to 30% compared to traditional production methods. The QRT seats approach the weight of a comparable carbon fiber seat at a lower price point. TECHNOLOGY QRT Ultralight fiberglass composite shell Excellent head and shoulder protection Special non-slip fabric for shoulders and bottom cushion Excellent ergonomics Fire retardant fabric FIA approved DIMENSIONS
Sabelt Taurus Racing Seat
Sabelt Sabelt Taurus Racing Seat $1,463.00
Sabelt Taurus Racing Seat Traditionally the Sabelt Taurus racing seat design was simple and elegant; the new Sabelt Taurus introduces a more rounded design, removing weight from the seat and giving it a fantastic new look. Featuring high side-bolsters and a full-containment halo, the new Sabelt Taurus racing seat was developed in partnership with the best companies working in the FIA World Rally Championship. The Sabelt Taurus can be configured with a Medium, Large, or XL shell to meet the needs of a very wide array of drivers. Combined with its breathable 3D mesh fabric on the back and bottom cushions and high-density foam on the upper-back, the Taurus is a supremely comfortable racing seat, especially for endurance racers or anyone who sees extended seat time. FEATURES: FIA Standard 8855-1999 approved. Medium weighs 23.1 lbs. Large weighs 24.6 lbs. XL weighs 25.1 lbs. High side bolstering prevents lateral movement. Six-point harness ready with sub-belt hole in the bottom of the shell. High wear resistance velour fabric. Breathable mesh 3D fabric on backrest and bottom. Generous Kinderpoint anti-slip fabric on shoulders.
racetech RT4119 racing seat for sports cars auto racing  at the lowest price
Racetech Racetech RT4119 Racing Seat from $3,563.00
Racetech RT4119 Racing Seat Building upon the successful 129-Series, the Racetech RT4119 offers the same ergonomic form and incredible features in a lighter and more affordable package. The RT4119 is used by many professional teams at both the national and international levels. There are four sizes available: Standard, Wide, Tall, and Wide & Tall. Customize your seat further by adding low-profile base cushions, or you can add side cushions for support in the thigh area. The 119-Series seats are compliant with FIA 8855-1999 standards. Racetech RT4119HRW Mounting: Racetech RTB1009M aluminum brackets (side mount to car floor) Optional: RTB2115B bracket + RTB2005C clamps (back mount to roll cage or roll bar) To comply with FIA 8855-1999, all RT4119 racing seats (except the RT4119HRW) must be back-mounted to the roll cage at shoulder level. Back-mounting can be achieved using parts RTB2115B and RTB2005C, see instructions here. Back-mounting improves seat strength and stability during an impact, increases driver feel and reduces driver fatigue. Check out this video for more great info. Racetech RT4119HRW Racing Seat Details: FIA 8855-1999 homologation Shell construction of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) composite Shell weight from 16.8 lbs. (7.6 kg) Large harness guides Air ducting can be vented to the driver's lower back Back-mount compatible Racetech RT4119 Racing Seat Size Options: Standard (HRW) Tall (THR) Wide (WHR) Wide & Tall (WTHR)
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Sabelt X-Pad Racing Seat
Sabelt Sabelt X-Pad Racing Seat $1,602.00
Sabelt X-Pad Racing Seat The Sabelt X-Pad is the perfect seat for those racing Miatas, Corvettes and other cars with limited interior space who still demand the safety of a full-containment seat. The X-Pad is Sabelt’s most compact seat yet, specifically designed to fit in smaller cockpits where drivers want the additional security of a full-containment / halo seat. Sabelt has managed to do this while keeping the interior seat dimensions able to fit most average racing drivers. Sabelt has achieved the interior fit of the seat by replacing bulky seat padding with a significantly thinner, but still comfortable, foam padding. Exterior dimensions of the seat were reduced by changing key elements such as eliminating the "rolled" upper edges of the seat, which reduces the width significantly without narrowing the seat to the point where it would only fit small drivers. The Sabelt X-Pad is a prime example of how game-changing innovation can be discovered in plain-sight; it doesn't always require a shake-up to standard conventions. FEATURES: FIA8855-1999 homologation. Weight: 19.3 lbs (8.75 kg). Standard side mounting. Perfect full-containment seat for small cockpit cars (Miata, Corvette, etc.) Shoulders and hips designed for Regulation 8862 to improve driver safety. Rear structural reinforcement.
OMP RS-PT2 Racing Seat - Competition Motorsport
OMP OMP RS-PT2 Racing Seat $1,104.00
OMP RS-PT2 Racing Seat The OMP RS-PT2 Racing Seat features a fiberglass shell, large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights, and high side bolsters for lateral leg support for increased protection. The RS-PT2 is a full containment racing seat with a "halo" to limit lateral movement of the head in the event of an impact to reduce the risk of head/neck injury. Removable back cushion and split leg rests to allow maximum individual seating comfort. The RS-PT2 seat is finished in fire resistant materials. HANS and HSC PATENT compatible.
Racetech RT4119W Racing Seat
Racetech Racetech RT4119W Racing Seat from $2,762.00
      Racetech RT4119W Racing Seat Racetech took their most popular seat and gave it a chop! The RT4119W (Wide) and RT4119WT (Wide & Tall) seats are based on the existing RT4119WHR and RT4119WTHR, but with the head restraints removed for improved visibility and access in track day type vehicles. This seat retains Racetech's unique, patented back mount design to give the driver ultimate support and feel for the chassis not available in basic floor-mounted seats. Customize your seat further with low base cushions or add side cushions for support in the thigh area. These 119 seats without head restraints are not FIA homologated. These seats do not include an air ducting spigot, but when it gets hot in your Porsche or Pro Touring Camaro, you're just going to turn on your air-conditioning, right? Ideal for HPDE/DE track cars, off-road desert trucks & outlaw drag cars when drivers can't use a head restraint seat. Brackets and Mounting: Side mount to the floor using Racetech RTB1009M 5mm aluminium brackets (please tick the box above when ordering). Back mount using RTB2115B in conjunction with RTB2005C. The RTB2115B is a 5mm aluminum bracket that bolts directly to the shoulder beam of the seat. The RTB2005C clamps bolt to the RTB2115B (once holes have been drilled) and come in three variants: 1-1/2" (38mm), 1-5/8" (41mm) or 1-3/4" (45mm) ID to suit the rollcage tube diameter in your vehicle. Please select your preferred clamp diameter above when ordering. TECHNICAL INFO:   FIA Homologation: N/A Gel-coated in gloss black Seat covered in black fire-retardant fabric Wear patches of black perforated leather Shell construction in composite (GRP) Shell weight from 7.0kg (15.5 lbs) Sizes W (Wide) or WT (Wide & Tall) Air Ducting: N/A Back-mount compatible     
Sabelt GT-Spine Racing Seat
Sabelt Sabelt GT-Spine Racing Seat $3,122.00
Sabelt GT-Spine Racing Seat The industry's very first racing seat to earn the coveted FIA 8855-2021 homologation, the GT-Spine is good for 10 years from the date of manufacture! This innovative gel-coated fiberglass competition racing seat by Sabelt boasts an aggressive design, DCT head protection, fireproof fabric, and high density foam. The GT-Spine seat also provides excellent lateral support and is more than a worthy choice for safety and comfort where it matters most. FEATURES: FIA 8855-2021: Must use F12 Brackets (see pulldown menu) Large weighs 35.5 lbs High side bolstering prevents lateral movement and keeps the driver positioned like never before Six-point harness ready with sub-belt hole in the bottom of the shell High wear resistance velour fabric Heavy-duty M12 mounting bolts (included) This item must be shipped freight
Cobra Evolution Pro-Fit Racing Seat - Competition Motorsport
Cobra Cobra Evolution Pro-Fit Racing Seat $1,560.00
Cobra Evolution Pro-Fit Racing Seat (Side Mounts Sold Separately) The Evolution Pro-Fit is a timeless design in side protection racing seats, still very much preferred by drivers for its open aspect, ease of use, and incredible safety. An open headrest specifically designed for HANS/FHR use ensures maximum visibility while maintaining side impact safety. The Evolution Pro-Fit features the same high-side containment shape and lateral support also found in Cobra's Suzuka Pro-Fit seat, with the addition of an integrated head restraint. The Pro-Fit range has Cobra's unique Spacer fabric which is FIA compliant and aids driver comfort and cooling. Like all Cobra competition seats, the Evolution Pro-Fit is available in Standard and GT width to suit the widest range of drivers among seats in the market today. The Diolen/GRP constructed shell makes this seat lighter and stronger than similar Fiberglass seats. All Cobra Pro-Fit seats come standard with mid-height back and lower seat cushions; you can select optional ultra low or higher cushion options to get the best possible driver comfort at no extra cost. This latest design of Cobra's Evolution is taller than before, allowing tall drivers to fit comfortably under the seat's halo protection and shoulder belt openings. The base is roughly 1.5" deeper with a more convex shape. FEATURES: HANS®/FHR compatible. PRO-FIT custom padding system. 4/5/6 point harness compatible. Breathable & cooling Spacer fabric. Deep-sided lateral protection. Integrated lateral head protection. Dual-width options, Standard or GT (+30mm) Side-mount only1 (supplied with high tensile bolts). SPECS: FIA homologated to 8855-1999. Composite Diolen®/GRP construction. Weight: 20 lbs. (Standard) / 21 lbs. (GT) Note 1: side mounts (pictured) are available separately in the dropdown above.
Recaro Pro Racer SPG Racing Seat
Recaro Recaro Pro Racer SPG Racing Seat $2,756.00
  The Racing Seat For Pros Who Like To Win All race drivers want to win. That’s the goal. And winning starts with how you fit in the car and relate ergonomically to its controls. The Recaro Pro Racer SPG racing seat provides optimized body support during high g-force events, keeping you firmly in the right place to do your job. The Recaro Pro Racer SPG also gives you great long term comfort, and it is this combination of comfort and support that gives you a competitive edge in driving performance. The Recaro Pro Racer is Recaro's premium product for GT and touring cars. Built to the FIA 8855-1999 standard, the Pro Racer was developed for HANS driver safety systems and comes in four versions. This is the standard-sized Pro Racer SPG. The seat is available in glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) here, and in various sizes, including an XL option for drivers of larger build. The Pro Racer fits like a glove. And the FIA-homologated flexible side-mount accommodates any driver’s physique with ease. Choose your side mounts: either the standard steel Recaro side mounts or the amazing FIA-approved Recaro Flexible Side Mount System. Recaro Pro Racer SPG Racing Seat Details: Shock-absorbent foam Highly flame-retardant upholstery (FMVSS 302) FIA 8855-1999 approval for five years Suitable for 4-, 5-, 6-point belt (racing use) Seat shell glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) Flexible side-mount (fore-aft adjustment for preferred sitting positions) Competition seat (FIA 8855-1999) Suitable to work with head and neck safety systems The XL version, available here, is 1.4 inches wider and 2.0 inches higher than the standard size Recaro Pro Racer SPG Hotsheet Here Racing Seat Dimensions:
OMP HRC-R Racing Seat - Competition Motorsport
OMP OMP HRC-R Racing Seat from $1,353.00
OMP HRC-R Racing Seat The OMP HRC-R  is a new racing seat from OMP with a fiberglass shell and high protection shoulder and head containment. This seat is designed to allow installation and comfortable driving positions in GT cars with reduced internal cockpit room. Fire-resistant Airnet and velour upholstering. Predrilled shell to allow cooling kit installation. FEATURES: FIA 8855-1999 homologated. Gel-coated fiberglass shell. Weight: 22.4 lbs. (10.2 kg). Side mount only.
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