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Litespeed RS5RR Forged Aluminum Wheels - Competition Motorsport
Litespeed Racing Litespeed RS5RR Forged Aluminum Wheels $2,779.00
Litespeed Racing RS5RR Forged Aluminum Wheels Bespoke Monoblock Racing Wheels The RS5RR is Litespeed's newest and most exciting version of the RS5, their lightest and most popular wheel style. Countless hours of FEA computer simulations where employed to fine tune every aspect of the RS5RR’s geometry, maximizing weight reduction with specially-engineered hollowed spoke pockets. Like the RS5 before it, the RS5RR racing wheel is competition-proven on tracks across the world, from road courses to autocross to quarter-mile and half-mile top speed races. Fully Forged From Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Litespeed Racing uses true fully forged aerospace grade aluminum as the foundation for all of our forged aluminum monoblocks and multi piece wheel centers. Each forged wheel is precision CNC machined to meet the style, size, offset and load rating of your vehicle . Forged aluminium is stronger and more durable than standard cast aluminum and flow formed wheels, which results in a lighter wheel that will help to improve all aspects of performance from acceleration to handling to fuel economy. Every Litespeed Racing wheel is custom made to fit your specifications for size, offset, color, finish, brake clearance and load rating. Litespeed Racing Forged Monoblock RS5RR Details: One-Piece Forged Aluminum Monoblock Wheel Fully-Forged Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum FEA-Optimized Design Minimizes Weight Excellent Strength, Stiffness and Fatigue Resistance Generous Brake Clearance Customizable Finish Options Premium Litespeed Racing Quality
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