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Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Enduro Drive Unit Cooler


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Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Enduro Drive Unit Oil Cooler & Magnetic Filter

Run cooler. Run longer.

The Enduro Drive Unit Oil Cooler and Magnetic Filter from Unplugged Performance is a direct replacement of the factory drive unit oil filter on Tesla Model 3. Drive unit cooling capacity is increased by utilizing an efficient radial-finned design combined with a ~10% higher capacity enclosure. In addition to running cooler, your Tesla Model 3's electric motor is safeguarded by dual magnetic-media filters that extract ferrous metal debris from the drive unit.

Each Enduro Drive Unit Cooler also has larger-capacity traditional filter with finer 5-micron filtration media. The end result is a drive unit that runs cooler and cleaner. This is the same unit used on the Unplugged Performance Pikes Peak Model 3 that broke EV production car-based lap records at Laguna Seca and Buttonwillow Raceway.

Enhanced Drive Unit Cooling

The Unplugged Performance Enduro Drive Unit Coolers are optimized for their respective drive unit to provide maximum volumetric sizing. An thermodynamically efficient radial fin design machined from billet aluminum, each unit is finished in a heat-efficient hard-anodized treatment. As a result, each Enduro Drive Unit Cooler has more fluid capacity and better thermal characteristics than the oil filter it replaces.

Built To Last a Lifetime

The Unplugged Performance Enduro Drive Unit Cooler is designed for lifetime use on your Tesla Model 3. Its internal K&N oil filter is easily replaceable during standard intervals and widely available worldwide. There's even a convenient drain plug for quick sampling of oil to keep tabs on the mechanical health of your drive units.

Unplugged Performance Enduro Drive Unit Cooler Features:

  • Larger internal filter surface area with 5-micron filter media (finer than OEM).
  • Uses easily-replaceable K&N filtration technology.
  • K&N Replacement Part #KN-155 for Front (smaller cooler).
  • K&N Replacement Part #KN-650 for Rear (bigger cooler).
  • Approx. 10% increased power-unit fluid volume.
  • Internal dual ‘Magnetic Media’ debris catch
  • Radial cooling fin heat-sink design for maximum heat transfer.
  • Conventional drain plug for easy fluid sampling/testing.
  • Racing-spec billet aluminum construction.
  • Hard-anodized in black for maximum heat rejection.

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