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Stilo WL-10 Wireless Intercom System Bundle


Stilo's Premier Wireless Intercom System

The groundbreaking Stilo WL-10 Wireless Intercom System ushers in a new era in rally racing intercom technology with connections a that are completely wireless. This enables communication between your driver and co-driver without the need for cumbersome connection cables. Based on the world's only active digital noise-cancelling intercom -- the acclaimed Stilo DG10 -- the WL-10 Wireless has undergone significant enhancements, placing it at the pinnacle of motorsport communications and the world's first wireless intercom for rallying.

The Stilo WL-10 Wireless Intercom System has been fine-tuned to be the best noise-cancelling intercom on the market. Powered directly from the car's 12-volt supply, the standout feature of this intercom is its wireless capability, liberating the driving crew from tethered connections.

For enhanced versatility, the intercom features an output for communication with camera systems in Stage mode, as well as an input for radio interfaces (additional equipment required) in Road mode, ensuring seamless integration with team radios. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the latest Stilo helmets, including the WRC Venti and ST5 R WL models, this system represents the forefront of communication technology.

The Stilo WL-10 Wireless Intercom System Bundle includes the DG Wireless intercom (AB0520) and two wireless helmet keys (AG0001), pre-paired and ready for immediate use. An optional wireless headset can be added to enhance comfort during road sections. 

The Stilo WL-10 gives both driver and co-driver Digital Active Noise Cancelling, adjustable via an easy-to-use DIG button. With four distinct noise-canceling levels, each member can tailor their experience to suit individual preferences, augmented by independent volume controls.

Switching between Road and Stage modes facilitates seamless integration with Bluetooth-enabled phones for hands-free calls during transit, while ensuring uninterrupted communication during stages.

WL-KEY Wireless Helmet Keys AG0001

Each WL-KEY wireless helmet key and headset has its own battery. With battery life of up to 5 hours on a full charge, the wireless helmet keys and headsets offer ample talk time and convenient USB charging.

The addition of helmet logos on the intercom's user interface simplifies wireless key management and connection status monitoring.

Each wireless helmet key provides a range of up to 10 meters, enabling crew members to converse even when outside the vehicle. These keys have been designed to plug directly into the Stilo Venti WRC, Venti Trophy Plus, and Stilo ST5R WL helmets.

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