Sabelt enduro Gold 6 Point Racing Harness 1 "a"



Sabelt enduro Gold 6 Point Racing Harness



Sabelt enduro Gold 6 Point Racing Harness

Get ready to shift your racing experience into high gear with the Sabelt ENDURO GOLD FULL 2" racing harness! This isn't just a strap system; it's your ticket to unmatched security and speed on the track, designed exclusively for those who crave the thrill of the race and refuse to compromise on safety.

Product Overview:

Features & Benefits:

  • Robust 2" Shoulder Straps: Strap in with confidence. Our wide shoulder straps are engineered for comfort and safety, ensuring you stay secure through the tightest of turns and the longest of straights.

  • Innovative Snap Hook with Tribar Adjuster: Quick fit adjustments are critical when time is of the essence. Our innovative snap hook system allows for swift, precise fitting so you can stay focused on beating the clock.

  • Specialized 2” Lap Belts: Dive into endurance races with belts that mean business. Featuring carabiner attachments and tailored buckles, these lap belts are designed for the intensity of professional racing.

  • Quick-Release Camlock System with Guides: The gold camlock system is not just a fastener; it’s your quick-change artist. Shave crucial seconds off your pit stops with a camlock that pros can operate—even while driving!

  • Secure Crotch Straps with Eye-Catching Yellow Pull Loops: Double down on safety with our sturdy crotch straps and visible pull loops, designed for quick adjustments and easy access.

  • Added Comfort Features: Keep your cockpit organized and efficient. Velcro shoulder straps provide a secure hold for wires and cords, keeping distractions at bay while you're on the track.

Experience the Difference:

Imagine strapping into the Sabelt ENDURO GOLD FULL 2", the harness hugging your body like a second skin. As you take a corner at high speed, you feel anchored, the harness delivering instant tactile feedback. Every turn and every lap builds your confidence, knowing that you're equipped with the same technology trusted by over 80% of racers in the IMSA paddocks. It’s more than a race; it’s a declaration of your dedication to excellence.

Why Choose the Sabelt ENDURO GOLD?

  •  Our gold camlock system isn’t just about security; it’s about speed. Saving up to 6 seconds in driver changes can mean the difference between first and second place. It’s the preferred choice for those who know that in racing, every second counts.

  • Professional Endorsement: Trusted by the majority of the IMSA Weathertech and Michelin Pilot Challenge paddocks, the ENDURO GOLD is the go-to choice for professional drivers seeking reliability and performance.

Ready to Gear Up?

Don’t just participate; dominate. The Sabelt ENDURO GOLD FULL 2" is your partner in pursuit of podium finishes. It’s not just about racing; it’s about winning. Click, secure, and propel yourself to new heights of racing performance. Order now and transform your race day into a series of victory laps!

Attachment of the shoulder belts requires the use of a roll bar or harness bar, and the sub straps must be mounted to a sub strap bar beneath the seat.


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