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Attention, racing aficionados and track day enthusiasts! Introducing the OMP SPORT SHOES FIA 8856-2018 – your new secret weapon for those adrenaline-pumping track days. These aren't just shoes; they're your co-pilot in every corner and straightaway.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight Design: Feel the difference with every step. These shoes are so light, you'll forget you're wearing them – but your pedals won't.
  • Traditional Lacing System with Velcro Strap: Old school meets new cool. Get a secure, snug fit that stays put, even when you're pulling Gs in the hairpin turn.
  • Latest FIA Approval (FIA 8856-2018): Safety first, but style a very close second. These shoes don't just look good; they're built to meet the latest FIA standards.
  • Cost-Effective Solution for Clubman Racers: Who says you can't buy speed? Well, you can definitely buy a piece of it with these shoes, and without breaking the bank.
  • 2023 Distinctive New Look: Stand out in the paddock and on the podium. These shoes aren't just about performance; they're a fashion statement.


  • Approval: FIA 8856-2018
  • Closure System: Traditional lacing with Velcro strap
  • Target Audience: Clubman racers, track day enthusiasts
  • Special Features: Lightweight, secure fit, latest FIA standards compliance


Q: How do the OMP Sport Shoes enhance my driving? A: With their lightweight design and secure fit, these shoes improve pedal feel and responsiveness, giving you the edge you need to shave seconds off your lap time.

Q: Are these shoes suitable for long track sessions? A: Absolutely! Their comfortable fit and breathable material mean you can focus on the track, not your feet.

Ready to step up your game and leave competitors in the dust? Lace up a pair of OMP SPORT SHOES FIA 8856-2018 and feel the thrill of true racing performance. Click 'Add to Cart' and get ready to experience the track like never before. Your podium finish awaits!

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