Chillout Systems Insulated Coolant Y-Hose 1 "a"


Chillout Systems Insulated Coolant Y-Hose


Chillout Systems Insulated Coolant Y-Hose

The Chillout Systems Insulated Coolant Y-Hose is made of insulated liquid-transfer tubes encased in an ultra-durable, tear-resistant fabric shield.

The primary end of the hose is 6 ft. long branching off into dual 4 ft. hose ends that enable multiple cooling garments to be connected to one driver cooling unit with ¼” fittings.

Hose too long for your set-up? It's easy to cut the hose to desired length. Our hoses comes with extra supply of matching shrink wrap for a flawless, clean, durable finish.


  • 10-foot overall length, includes additional heat shrink tubing for custom sizing while maintaining a finished look
  • Male connectors, four pieces
  • Female dual-prong connector to connect cooler, one piece
  • Can be connected to other hoses to extend length including additional Y-connector
  • Double-insulation: one layer to protect the hoses and insulation, the other to keep your coolant cool and efficient

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