Brey Krause Gen6 Camaro Seat Adapter (R-9170/R-9171) 1 "a"


Vehicle Side

Sub-Bar Option

Brey Krause Gen6 Camaro Seat Adapter (R-9170/R-9171)


Vehicle Side

Sub-Bar Option

Product Description:

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Camaro Generation 6 Racing Seat Adapter R-9170 Or R-9171

Everything you need in one place!  Select driver or passenger side, add an optional sub mount bar, select the optional side mounts for your seat and you have everything you need for a clean racing seat installation into your Gen 6 Chevy Camaro!

Brey-Krause manufactures high quality performance driving accessories for a variety of cars. Innovative engineering and superior workmanship are hallmarks of Brey-Krause products. All Brey-Krause parts can be installed easily without any modifications, using existing holes and factory mounting points to ensure your safety is never compromised.

Whether your car is used on the road or at the race track, Brey-Krause performance driving accessories set the standard in engineering, function, and aesthetic design.

Brey Krause R-9170 & R-9171 Fitment

These Brey-Krause seat mounts fit the Chevrolet Camaro 6th Gen. It does not work with the Camaro OEM Recaro seats.

Brey-Krause Seat Mount Features:

  • Material: Type 304 stainless steel
  • Finish: satin black powder-coat
  • Installation: attaches to factory seat mounting points
  • R-9172 sub strap mount sold separately (see pull-down)
  • Seat side-mount brackets sold separately (see pull-down)

Brey-Krause Side Mounts For The R-9170 & R-9171:

  • Cobra Nogaro: R-9775
  • Sparco Evo, Pro 2000: R-9071, R-9072
  • Sparco Evo 2: R-9073, R-9074
  • Sparco Evo 2 Plus: R-9761, R-9762
  • Sparco Evo 2 US: R-9075, R-9076
  • Recaro Pole Position, SPG XL: R-9075, R-9076
  • Recaro SPA, SPG, Pro HANS: R-9755, R-9756
  • OMP HTE-R: R-9751, R-9752

Brey-Krause Side Mounts When Using Recaro Sliders:

  • Cobra Nogaro: R-9065
  • Momo Super Cup: R-9060
  • Sparco Evo: R-9060
  • Sparco Evo 2, Evo 2 Plus, Corsa: R-9061
  • OMP HTE-R XL: R-9061
  • Recaro Pole Position: R-9062
  • Recaro SPG XL: R-9066
  • Recaro SPA, SPG, Pro Racer HANS: R-9067

Sub-mount bar, harness brackets, side mounts, and other hardware pictured are for illustrative purposes only.

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