AP Racing Radi-CAL R4 Racing Brake Fluid 1 "a"


AP Racing Radi-CAL R4 Racing Brake Fluid


Highest Dry Boiling Point On The Market Today

AP Racing Radi-CAL R4 racing brake fluid has the highest typical dry boiling point, at 340º C (644º F), of any racing brake fluid currently available on the market today. Radi-CALR4 racing brake fluid has been designed to perform better than any other product at the extremes of heavy-duty braking in top levels of professional racing.

AP Racing Radi-CAL R4 has outstanding resistance to vapor lock and pedal fade under the most exacting conditions. A higher vapor lock point means a firmer brake pedal at the extremes of brake temperatures. Enhanced lubricity means R4 is a better lubricant than other market-leading racing brake fluids. This helps extend the life of the metal moving parts in your brake system while increasing system efficiency.

Radi-CAL R4 can be mixed with other DOT3 and DOT4 racing brake fluid, but for maximum product performance your braking system should be thoroughly purged with R4 fluid.

AP Racing Radi-Cal Pro R4 Brake Fluid Details:

  • Manufacturer: AP Racing
  • Manufacturer part number: AP-CP7005
  • DOT rating: DOT4
  • Dry Boiling Point: 340º C (644º F)
  • Wet Boiling Point: 195º C (383º F)
  • Bottle Size: 500 ml (16.9 fl oz)

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