Schroth Bolt- or Snap-in Brackets 1 "a"



Schroth Bolt- or Snap-in Brackets




Schroth Bolt-In or Snap-In Brackets


The B24 is the most economical bolt-in bracket offered. It's a heavy-duty steel bracket that cannot be bent to aid installation. Dimensions are 5mm thick, 69 x 46mm with a 13mm (1/2") bolt hole. There is a slight 10° bend so that this bracket can be bolted directly to a flat surface and leave room for webbing wrapped into it.

It can be sewn in or wrapped with an LV4 (recommended), LV10 or LV11. FIA and SFI 16.1/16.5 approved. Cannot be used for a lap belt bolt-in bracket under SFI 16.5. Three-inch webbing must be folded at the edges for use with this bracket.


The B15 snap-in bracket snaps to eyebolts or bolt-in bracket B23B. It can be sewn into 2" and 3" webbing, or wrapped with an LV4, LV10 or LV11. When wrapped into 3" webbing, one must fold the edges of the webbing in and use an LV7. Can be used on any point of a harness, including lap belt, sub strap, or shoulder belt. FIA and SFI 16.1 approved.

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