Stilo Tearoff ST5 Thick 4mil 1 "a"


Stilo Tearoff ST5 Thick 4mil


Stilo ST5 Thick 4mil Tearoff Pack qty 12(4 Sleeves of 3)

Protect Your Stilo ST5 Helmet Shield from rocks, dirt, and debris with these 4 mil thick tearoffs. Measuring 4 mil thickness (the most popular thickness for open cockpit and harsh environment racers), it is intended for road racing and/or dirt track use. This package of 4 mil tear-offs are in 4 stacks of 3 per package (12 tear-offs in all). Now you can greatly extend the life of your Stilo ST5 shield by drastically reducing pitting and scratches.

Stilo 4 mil Tearoff Pack Quantity 10 (4 Sleeves of 3) Details:

  • Manufacturer: Stilo
  • Manufacturer part numbers: 3459C
  • Thickness each: 4 mil
  • Gradient: Clear
  • Fits All Stilo ST5 Helmets: Yes
  • Fits All Stilo ST4F and Stilo ST4W Helmets: No
  • 4 Stacks of 3 each

Note: This is the thicker of tearoffs (4 mil) for your Stilo ST5 series helmets. It is used primarily in Road Racing Open Cockpit or other harsh environment race tracks

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