Sparco 4 Point Racing Harness (3" Steel) 1 "a"



Sparco 4 Point Racing Harness (3" Steel)



Sparco 4 Point Racing Harness (3" Steel)

Strap In and Level Up Your Ride with the Sparco 4 Point Racing Harness! 

The Sparco 4 Point Racing Harness is here to redefine your driving experience, turning every ride into a secure, race-ready adventure. And no, we're not just pulling your leg... or should we say, your lap belt?

Why the Sparco Harness is the Co-Pilot You Didn't Know You Needed:

Unity in Safety: Designed to work in perfect harmony with Sparco's competition seats, this harness doesn't just keep you in place; it becomes one with your racing setup. It's like finding the peanut butter to your jelly.

Quality that Speaks Volumes: Crafted from top-notch fabric and boasting durable fasteners, this harness ensures that once you're strapped in, you're in for a secure and comfy ride. No more wiggling around trying to find that sweet spot!

A Perfect Fit: With 2-inch lap and 3-inch shoulder straps, this 4-point masterpiece offers a snug embrace. And thanks to the aircraft-quality quick-release buckle with integrated anti-submarine belts, getting in and out is a breeze—no advanced engineering degree required.

Smooth Operator: The lightweight steel adjusters are like butter, making tensioning smooth and clamping just perfect. Because who has time for complicated adjustments when the track is calling?

Snap to It: Each belt comes with snap-on fixings, making installation a snap (pun intended). And since they're FIA approved, you can hit the track with confidence, knowing you're as safe as can be.

Tech Specs to Impress:

Lap of Luxury: 2" lap belts for that just-right fit.
Shoulder the Load: 3" shoulder straps to keep you snug without the hug-too-tight feel.
Pull for Power: Pull-up lap belts for on-the-fly adjustments.
Smooth Moves: Lightweight steel adjusters for that seamless tensioning.
Snap Happy: Snap-in Kit Mounting included because who doesn't love convenience?
Seal of Approval: FIA Approved, because your safety is non-negotiable.
Imagine hitting those corners with the confidence of a pro, strapped in securely, focused on the finish line, not on your seatbelt. That's what the Sparco 4 Point Racing Harness brings to the table—or should we say, to the driver's seat.

Grab your Sparco 4 Point Racing Harness now and transform every drive into a track-worthy triumph!

Sparco’s full line of harnesses works in unity with our competition seats. Crafted from high-quality fabric and fitted with durable fasteners, each harness restrains the body for added safety and protection. The 4-point harness features 2-inch lap and 3-inch shoulder straps that attach in the center using an aircraft-quality quick-release buckle with integrated anti-submarine belts. The lightweight steel adjusters allow for smooth, quick adjustments and perfect clamping. Each belt attaches to the frame using snap-on fixings. Available in pull up only.


  • 2" lap and 3" shoulder straps
  • Pull-Up lap belts
  • Light-weight steel adjuster for smooth and quick tensioning
  • Snap-in Kit Mounting included
  • FIA Approved

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