Schroth Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness (6 Point) 1 "a"


Harness Color

Schroth Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness (6 Point)


Harness Color

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Schroth Enduro 2x2 Six-Point Racing Harness

Endurance racing drivers need to be able to get in and out of the race car quickly and efficiently. On top of Schroth's legendary quality and durability, the Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness uses their latest, most innovative technology to ensure ease of use during quick driver changes in the most arduous circumstances. The Schroth Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness is considered the fastest, easiest harness to use among many drivers. It has been tested for quality and ease of use in the WEC endurance series and in 24-hour races at legendary venues like Germany’s Nürburgring Nordschleife (known as the "Green Hell").

The Pinnacle of Driver Restraint Technology

The Schroth Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness sits at the top of the harness industry, constructed for racers who need top-level driver restraint technology. The newest design of Schroth's ZIP adjuster is integrated into the lap belts, perfectly positioning the adjusters for quick, precise tightening. The Schroth Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness also has ZIP adjusters on the shoulder belts, along with clearly marked release straps and extra large hand loops on the lap belts. The recently updated Enduro 2x2 Cam Lock now features Latch Guides, making low light driver changes even easier!

All of this makes tightening or releasing the harness much smoother and more efficient, a huge plus when time is of the essence. And it makes the Schroth Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness the first choice for racing schools and corporate ride-alongs where transitioning customers in and out of the race car means more drivers per session!

The Schroth Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness is available in either Black or Red.

Check out Schroth's Harness Installation Checklist for advice and tips on proper racing harness installation and use.

Schroth Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness Features:

  • FIA certified
  • ZIP adjusters in shoulder belts ensure an excellent fit
  • Simple and easy-to-use ZIP adjusters integrated into the lap belt latches
  • Extra large, easy-to-grab hand loops on the shoulder belts
  • Sewn-in bungee loops on the shoulder belts
  • Two-inch (50mm) lap belts provide superior safety and comfort
  • Patented RFR lightweight buckle

Included Hardware:

  • (6) SG23 eyebolts (7/16 in.)
  • (12) S3 washers
  • (2) SG39 reinforcement plates

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