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Sabelt Hero Pro TB-10.1




Product Description:

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Sabelt Hero Pro TB-10.1 


Hey track day titans and racing enthusiasts! Ready to step up your game? Slide into the Sabelt Hero Pro TB-10.1 Racing Shoes – where Italian craftsmanship meets the need for speed. These aren't just shoes; they're a statement of intent every time you hit the track.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultrathin Kangaroo Leather: As sleek as your racing line. This top-quality leather isn't just lightweight; it's like a second skin, ensuring maximum comfort and breathability.
  • Soft Perforations & Honeycomb 3D Lining: Keep your cool when the heat is on. The perforations and innovative lining ensure your feet stay ventilated, even as the laps pile up.
  • Super Flexible Strobel Construction: Flexibility at its finest. This construction offers ultimate pedal sensibility, so you feel every shift, every move.
  • Ultra Flat Outer Sole: Feel the track beneath you. The new ultra-flat sole design enhances your connection with the pedals for precise control.
  • Removable Carbon Fiber Insole: Step into innovation. The carbon fiber insole, laminated in an autoclave, offers flexibility and a feather-light feel.
  • Anti-Abrasion Reinforcements: Tougher than your toughest competitor. These reinforcements protect your feet and ensure the shoes last longer than just a few victory laps.
  • Made in Italy: A touch of Italian flair. Because style matters, even when you're chasing the checkered flag.


  • Material: Kangaroo leather, Honeycomb 3D lining, Natural rubber sole
  • Closure System: Aramidic laces
  • Features: Padded ankle and tongue, Removable carbon fiber insole, External reinforcements
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, White
  • Sizes: 36-48


Q: How do the Sabelt Hero Pro TB-10.1 shoes enhance my driving? A: With their ultra-sensitive soles and lightweight design, these shoes improve your pedal control, making every shift and acceleration more precise.

Q: Are these shoes suitable for long races? A: Absolutely! The breathable design and comfortable construction ensure your feet stay comfortable, even in the most grueling of endurance races.

Ready to take the wheel like a champion? Lace up a pair of Sabelt Hero Pro TB-10.1 Racing Shoes and feel the difference that professional-grade gear makes. Click 'Add to Cart' and step into the winner's circle. Your fastest lap is just a pair of shoes away!

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