CMS Performance Roll Bar for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 1 "a"


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CMS Performance Roll Bar for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86


Add Rear Seat Delete

Roll Bar Color

Product Description:

CMS Performance Bolt In Roll Bar For FR-S/BRZ/GT86

This Roll Bar Fits The Following Cars:

  • Scion FR-S (ZN6), 2013-2016
  • Toyota GT86 (ZN6), 2017-2020
  • Subaru BRZ (ZC6), 2013-2020

The Best and Strongest Bolt-In Roll Bar for the FR-S/BRZ/GT86

The CMS Performance Roll Bar is the strongest, safest, most beautifully constructed bolt-in roll bar on the market for the first-gen  Scion FR-S, Toyota GT86, and Subaru BRZ. Engineered with a premium placed on safety and structural rigidity, the exceptional design of the CMS Performance Roll Bar integrates perfectly with the car's sporty, all-business interior. CMS Performance uses only advanced Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel tubing throughout each roll bar, giving you unequalled tensile strength, impact absorption, and occupant protection. Docol R8 is 15% stronger than 4130 CrMo steel and 30% stronger than mild (DOM) steel used by other roll bar manufacturers.

CMS Performance Roll Bar for Toyota Supra GR at the best price and highest quality

This makes the CMS Performance Roll Bar for the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ superior in every way, including resistance to deformation, weld integrity, and energy dissipation. The one-piece main hoop with fully-integrated X-bracing and harness bar bolts directly to the chassis, forming the backbone of the CMS Performance Roll Bar. The rearward kickers are optimized for support in a roll-over event while maintaining an unobstructed rear view for the driver. The main hoop cross bar is designed to locate your racing harness shoulder straps at the proper angle (0° to -20° front-to-back) to the driver's shoulders regardless of seat position.

True Bolt-In Installation Without Sacrificing Safety or Looks

Check out the installation instructions here.

The CMS Performance Roll Bar bolts directly to chassis strong points without the need for any significant modifications to the chassis or use of under-car backing plates.

Full 360o TIG welding throughout gives the CMS Performance Roll Bar unsurpassed strength and durability.

Exceptional Color Options Set CMS Performance Apart

Each CMS Performance roll bar includes custom powder coating in your choice of color-matched factory paint colors for Scion, Toyota, and Subaru! You don't have to settle for generic black, white, red, or yellow. CMS Performance can also powder coat your roll bar in one of our amazing technical colors, such as the astoundingly cool Superchrome! And, of course, there's always our rich satin black option for a stealthy installation.

Custom Made Rear Seat Delete Kit Available

CMS Performance offers an optional customized Shrader rear seat delete kit made specifically for the Scion FR-S, Toyota GT86, and Subaru BRZ. It is specially modified to fit the CMS Performance Roll Bar, giving your installation an amazing factory-finished look.

CMS Performance: The Best Products At The Best Price

An unwavering focus on cutting-edge materials, unsurpassed design & construction, and premium fit & finish has propelled CMS Performance roll bars to the top of the industry. The CMS Performance Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ Roll Bar is the latest addition to our growing catalog, offering unsurpassed safety, integrity, design and customization to customers taking this amazing car to the next level on the street or at the track.

CMS Performance Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Roll Bar Details:

  • Manufacturer: CMS Performance
  • Manufacturer Part: PRBGT86
  • Materials: 1.75″ X .090" Docol R8 Advanced High Strength Steel
  • Features: One-piece main hoop for superior strength and occupant safety; proprietary kicker design eases installation while maintaining exceptional strength
  • CNC-cut mounting plates
  • CNC machined high-strength-steel interlocking joints
  • Allows full seat travel with virtually any seat
  • All USA-made Grade 8 hardware included
  • Comes with detailed installation instructions

This product is intended for off-road race track use only.

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