Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v4 Nomex Gloves 1 "a"



Glove Size

Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v4 Nomex Gloves



Glove Size

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Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v4 Nomex Gloves

Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v4 Nomex Gloves: When Ordinary Just Won't Cut It!

Hey, racetrack mavericks! Ready to elevate your game? Feel every nuanced drift, grip that wheel with renewed fervor, and let your hands relish in unprecedented comfort! Introducing the brand-spanking-new Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v4 Nomex Gloves. The perfect fusion of style, performance, and (let's face it) downright awesomeness!

Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v4 Features & Goodies:

  • Ahead of Its Time: Fresh off the racing block for 2024, Alpinestars once again shows who's boss.
  • High-End Feel without the Price Tag: Feels like you've splurged, but hey, we won't tell if you won't!
  • Comfort First: External palm seams and pre-curved fingers? Say goodbye to pressure points and hand fatigue. Your hands will thank you (if they could talk).
  • Dive Right In: The open cuff design and 180° elasticated wrist mean you can slip into these beauties faster than you can say "vroom-vroom!"
  • All About the Grip: With a silicon surface, you're not just holding the wheel; you're one with it.

Specifications – Because Details Matter:

  • Sizes: From the delicate "S" to the all-encompassing "XXL"
  • Made of flame-resistant aramidic fiber with bonded aramidic lining. Like a cozy blanket, but flame-resistant!
  • Weight: Light enough to not know they're there but sturdy enough to protect.
  • Safety: Meets the updated FIA 8856-2018 and SFI 3.3 homologation standards.

FAQs – You Asked, We Answered!

  • How do Alpinestars gloves fit? Like a dream, but remember, dreams come in all sizes. Check the size chart!
  • How do you break in Alpinestars gloves? Wear 'em, flex 'em, grip that wheel! They’ll mold to your hands in no time.
  • How do you stretch Alpinestars gloves? Like all good things, give them time. With regular use they'll adjust to your hand shape.
  • Is 44 XL or XXL? Typically, 44 leans towards XL. But always trust the size chart!
  • Is XL the same as 1 XL? Yep! It's like saying "soda" and "pop". Same thing, different lingo!

Ready to Race Ahead? 

Drive with precision. Feel the adrenaline. And let your hands bask in the luxury they deserve. Grab your Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v4 Nomex Gloves now. Because in racing, every second counts, and so does every detail!

Alpinestars Glove Sizing Chart

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