Alpinestars Tech-1 K v3 Karting Gloves FIA 8877-2022 1 "a"




Alpinestars Tech-1 K v3 Karting Gloves FIA 8877-2022





 Alpinestars Tech-1 K v3 Karting Gloves

FIA 8877-2022 Grade 1 homologation

Alright, racers and adrenaline junkies – get ready to burn some rubber and turn up the heat! Meet your new track day partner-in-crime: the TECH-1 K V3 Gloves. Here's the scoop on these bad boys:

Remember the time you dreamt of driving with gloves so good you’d feel like part of the kart? Well, thanks to our innovative 4-way stretch, two-layer, bonded fabric, that dream just became reality. These gloves hug your hands like a grandma at Christmas – snug, warm, and super comforting.

No more awkward hand slips trying to steer! Our silicone print palm has grip levels that'd put Spider-Man to shame. You'll have maximum control on the wheel, making your competitors eat your dust. 

Did we mention? They're the first gloves homologated to the FIA's snazzy new karting standard. Now that's what we call being ahead of the curve! (Pun intended)

Product Specifications: (because we know the details matter)

  • Main assembly adorned with the hottest new sublimated designs, bound to make you the style icon of the tracks!
  • Experience the magic of 4-way stretch, dual-layer nylon-cotton that offers the chef’s kiss of comfort and fit.
  • Lightweight design? Check. High sensitivity and feel? Double-check.
  • Our semi-external seams provide more comfort than a bed of feathers.
  • Synthetic suede palms: because real racers need durability and class.
  • Pre-curved fingers because straight is just too mainstream.
  • Silicone grip treatment so your wheel knows who's boss.
  • Straight-cut and gauntlet cuffs that fit like they were made just for you.
  • Certified to the FIA 8877-2022 Grade 1 homologation standard, so you can race with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions: (We've got answers!)

  • What gloves do you need for go-karting? The TECH-1 K V3 Gloves, obviously!
  • Are karting gloves worth it? You bet! They enhance grip, increase safety, and make you look super cool.
  • What are the best karting gloves for 2024? No need to flex, but... TECH-1 K V3 Gloves are at the top of the list.
  • What gloves do sim racers use? While some use dedicated sim racing gloves, many prefer the feel and grip of karting gloves like ours.
  • Can you use sim racing gloves for karting? While they’re not built specifically for karting, in a pinch, you can. But why compromise when you have the TECH-1 K V3 Gloves?

Don't be "that guy" showing up to the track with last season's gloves. Slide into a pair of TECH-1 K V3 Gloves and feel the difference on the track. Get yours now!

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