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Racetech RT4100 Racing Seat 2028 Expiry



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Racetech RT4100 Racing Seat

2028 Expiry 

Announcing the all-new Racetech 4100 Series! The RT4100 is a standard-sized fiberglass race seat. Racetech focused on achieving a lightweight seat shell with optimized geometry, straddling the line between designing the seat to be wide enough in the shoulders to suit the athletic build, but narrow enough to fit in most cockpits. Their patented back-mounted technology has trickled down from the 119 and 129 Series, giving you the option of fixing the seat to the rollcage at shoulder level.

Large harness guides and a removable molded base cushion allow a range of drivers of varying heights to fit. Breathable Spacer fabric, parallel sides and pronounced thigh support round off the features of this accomplished motorsport seat.


  • The RT4100WT is 60mm taller and 40mm wider than the standard RT4100.
  • The RT4100HR and RT4100WTHR include head restraints.
  • The 4100 Series seats use Racetech RTB1009M alloy side mounting brackets (can be added separately).


  • Gel-coat in gloss black
  • Seat covered is black fire-retardant nylon fabric with Spacer mesh through the torso
  • FIA homologation 8855-1999
  • Shell constructed of fiberglass composite
  • Shell weight from 5.7kg (12.5 lbs)
  • Sizes Standard or WT (Wide & Tall)
  • Back-mount compatible
Racetech Seat Sizing  Racetech Seat Sizing  Racetech Seat Sizing

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