Bell GTX.3 Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020 1 "a"


Helmet Size

Bell GTX.3 Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020


Helmet Size

Bell Racing Helmets GTX.3 Carbon Helmet SA2020

The sleek, aerodynamic Bell Racing Helmets GTX.3 Carbon Helmet SA2020 features an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber shell, a front chin-bar gurney and an integrated rear wing to provide the open-cockpit driver with improved aerodynamic performance and high-speed stability. The Bell Racing Helmets GTX.3 Carbon is ideal for use in dusty, open-wheel environments with its integrated shield, double screen anti fog (DSAF) visor, rubber gasket seal, and rear-facing vents to help with air exchange and provide clear vision while racing in the elements.


This stylish helmet carries Snell SA2020 approval, FIA 8859-2015 Homologation, and comes with M6 terminal hardware for your Head and Neck Restraint (HANS) device. These safety and comfort features make the Bell Racing Helmets GTX.3 Carbon Helmet SA2020 is ideal for dirt track, karting, open-wheel, formula, and all types of open-compartment racing where clean, distraction-free airflow is essential for competition.

Add the CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag to keep your new Bell GTX.3 Carbon safe and sound throughout racing weekends!

(Helmet bag shown not included.)


  • Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015 homologations.
  • SE03 3mm DSAF clear shield (SV SE03/05 pivot system).
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction with improved shell strength from high-pressure molding system.
  • Sleek aerodynamic styling with integrated wing.
  • Venturi airflow system allows air exchange while preventing dust and dirt from entering the helmet.
  • Chin bar Gurney (duckbill) improves aerodynamic performance.
  • Hollow synthetic rubber gasket keeps out dust, dirt, and water.
  • Multi-piece, multi-density high-impact custom bead absorbing liner for low- and high-velocity impact protection.
  • Install integrated drink tube systems and radio systems (sold separately) with integrated channels in the face piece.
  • Ultra-plush grey Comfort-Max FR® interior improves comfort and moisture wicking.
  • Pro-style, multi -foam density interior with contoured cheek pads for professional fit.
  • Standard-size eye port.
  • Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) visor insert for improved anti-fog performance.
  • M6 terminal hardware and hex wrench for Head and Neck Restraint devices.
  • All sizes shown in centimeters.

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