C3 Carbon Ferrari 458 Spider Engine Bay Complete Package 1 "a"


C3 Carbon Ferrari 458 Spider Engine Bay Complete Package


C3 Carbon Ferrari 458 Spider Engine Bay Complete Package

FITS: 2011-15 Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari displays the 458 Spider's beautiful turbocharged flat-plane V8 engine under a glass rear bonnet. But the stock flat-black plastic trim panels, engine airbox, and latch cover are a let-down. C3 Carbon has created autoclaved, pre-impregnated (pre-preg) dry carbon fiber pieces that give you OEM factory quality, fit and finish for a fraction of the crazy Ferrari catalog prices.

Now bringing your 458 Spider's engine bay up to standard with glorious carbon fiber doesn't break the budget. C3 Carbon matches the OEM Ferrari 3K plain 1x1 carbon weave perfectly, giving you a factory-original Ferrari appearance. Excellent package pricing and easy installation makes this a must-have for any 458 Spider owner.


  • Autoclaved pre-preg dry carbon fiber with 1x1 3K plain weave matched to factory Ferrari carbon
  • Clear-coated with automotive urethane, hand polished to a mirror finish
  • Straightforward installation requires no modification
  • Digitally 3D laser scanned, CAD-CAM designed for perfect fitment -- guaranteed!
  • Autoclave formed in billet aluminum molds at more than 100 psi and 200o F

Experience the Difference of C3 Carbon Products:

Competition Carbon Components (C3 Carbon) has been steadily gaining in popularity amongst today’s high-performance driving enthusiasts due to several key factors that help C3 Carbon stand out in a market full of sub-par aftermarket offerings. Each C3 Carbon product is manufactured to provide perfect fit and extreme strength while reducing weight, maximizing quality and ensuring years of exceptional finish. We provide all of this for significantly less money than OEM parts.

Every product we make uses pre-impregnated dry carbon formed in a CNC-machined billet aluminum mold which is manufactured by laser-scanning the OEM component(s) so you know you’ll have a perfect fit, every time. Dry carbon is stronger and lighter than wet carbon, often weighing 1/3 of our competitors’ products. Our manufacturing methods also produce a smoother surface on each part for more dimensional accuracy; shaving edges, widening mounting holes and flexing pieces to make them fit are a thing of the past.

C3 Carbon also applies an automotive urethane clear-coat which is U/V cured for durability and guarantees C3 Carbon parts won't yellow over time.

Many of our competitors use wet carbon (which is heavier), and some use fiberglass with a carbon overlay (much heavier, as the carbon fiber has epoxy literally painted onto it). These materials and manufacturing methods produce a poor finish due to air contamination, and because the epoxy isn’t applied uniformly throughout the weave. These products are also much weaker than C3 Carbon products. Finally, most competitors use a fiberglass mold, which is far less expensive but cannot maintain the strict tolerances we demand of our own products. In the end, the fit and finish simply cannot stand up to C3 Carbon products.

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