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Coolshirt Connectors

As low as $9.00

Note: If you own a Momo or F.A.S.T. cooling shirt and want to use it with a Coolshirt system, simply purchase two Coolshirt MALE connectors, snip off the connectors on your shirt, and replace them. That's it!  Because the Coolshirt male connectors are universal, your shirt will now be usable with all three major cooling systems.


  • 5/16" connectors that work with your Coolshirt system as well as others.
  • Sold individually - you'll need two to adapt a garment properly
  • Choose connector style: Male or Female.


CoolShirt MALE connectors work with any FEMALE connector (Coolshirt, Momo or F.A.S.T.). So no matter which system you have, a Coolshirt Coolwater shirt will work with it because of the MALE connector on the shirt.

If you have a Momo or FAST shirt and you buy a Coolshirt cooling system, you can simply snip off the MALE connectors on your shirt and buy a new set of CoolShirt MALE connectors (which we carry individually) to push onto your garment hose. Even if you’ll be racing in another car which uses a FAST or Momo system at a later date, the new CoolShirt MALE connector you just pushed on will work with it!

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