Stilo ST5 and ST5.1 Helmet Shields
Stilo Stilo ST5 and ST5.1 Helmet Shields from $143.95
Colorful Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Shields for Your Stilo Helmet These Stilo visors are a great way to add some color to your racing life! Stilo offers a wide variety of shield options including many popular iridium colors. All Stilo shields have an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating and are made for a perfect fit on your Stilo ST5 or ST5.1 helmet (both the GT and N "naked" versions)1. A Note on Cleaning Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Shield Anti-scratch/anti-fog shields require special care in order to preserve the coatings on the inside of the shield. Only use Acrysol Shield Cleaner to clean your shield, inside and out. Do not use glass cleaner containing ammonia (like Windex) as this can harm both the anti-scratch coating on the outside of the visor and the anti-fog coating on the inside. In a pinch, you're better off using water and a clean microfiber cloth to gently clean your Stilo shield. 1 Stilo ST5 Carbon helmet (pictured) is sold separately.
Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite Helmet SA2020
Stilo Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite Helmet SA2020 from $999.00
Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite Racing Helmet The Most Customizable Helmet in the World The Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite is Stilo's Snell SA2020 version of their best-selling kevlar-carbon composite helmet. With an autoclave molded shell, the Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite auto racing helmet offers superior safety and protection compared to fiberglass and composites of competitors helmets. You get all this without sacrificing comfort or features, as Stilo continues to focus on minimizing weight and maximizing flexibility. With its large eye port, the Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite offers unsurpassed peripheral vision and all of the available tinted, mirrored, and iridium-colored visors (sold separately) have a center pinch-clip to make opening and closing easy, even while wearing nomex racing gloves. Although updated to meet the newest Snell SA2020 certification, the Stilo ST5.1 GT retains its FIA 8858-2015 homologation as well. This makes the helmet legal for nearly all road race usage (although some sanctioning bodies require FIA 8860 homologated helmets.). Flexibility and Functionality Built In The Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite is unsurpassed in built-in flexibility. Its two side ports can be fitted with 3 different types of integrated communication electronics, forced air, helmet eject system, or a hydration system. Thanks to its innovative shell design, mounting and routing these options to the Stilo ST5.1 GT is sleek and seamless. When not in use, you don't even know the features are there. Whether you're using side-mounted communications, side air, or a built-in hydration kit for staying hydrated during long enduro stints, everything is neat, tidy and completely out of the way when not needed. Stilo offers simply the best modular racing helmet on the market. Additional shields in many tints and colors can be added in the dropdown above. Industry-standard M6 threaded receivers are molded into the helmet shell to accommodate anchors for whichever head-and-neck restraint you use. Note: We have found that customers who typically wear a size 59 in other brands are most comfortable in a Stilo size 60, which uses the larger shell. Please order accordingly. Stilo ST5.1 GT Racing Helmet Details Noise attenuating earmuffs are included to reduce exterior noise. Seamlessly integrate communications, forced air, hydration and/or eject options into your Stilo ST 5.1 GT helmet. Snell SA2020 certification offers increased protection at higher g-forces and speeds than SA2015. Existing Stilo ST5 visor shields and accessories work on ST5.1 SA2020 helmets. Sizes shown in centimeters Other Stilo ST5-Series Helmets Available Stilo Helmets ST5.1 GT Carbon Helmet Stilo Helmets ST5 GT ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon Helmet Stilo Helmets ST5 GT 8860-2018 Carbon Helmet The most effective helmet is one that fits properly. To measure your head, have an assistant use a dressmaker's tape or a piece of string to measure the circumference of your head. Start at a point about an inch above your eyebrows, looping around the back of your head at the point that results in the largest measurement, and finally around to the front again. It's a good idea to take two or three measurements to make sure you have the largest one. This helmet will ship with signature required for delivery.
Sparco Race 2 Racing Shoe
Sparco Sparco Race 2 Racing Shoe $119.00
Sparco Race 2 Racing Shoe Developed exclusively for the U.S. market, the all-new Sparco Race 2 racing shoe provides comfort and control. It is an evolution from the popular Race shoe. It features a wide toe box and a Comfort Achilles panel designed to allow ankle movement when operating pedals. An all new sole design improves pedal feel and helps reduce shock and vibration. Stylistically, the Race 2 shoe offers an aggressive design with an all-suede upper and a Velcro closure. Available in black, blue and red in US sizes from 7 to 13. The Race 2 is SFI approved. FEATURES SFI approved Comfort Achilles panel which allows ankle movement Wide toe box and an extra cushioned sole for greater comfort New sole design for better pedal feel Suede outer shell and boot cut design with Velcro closure
Schroth Profi II ASM Harness (4 Point)
Schroth Schroth Profi II ASM Harness (4 Point) $499.00
Schroth Profi II ASM Four-Point Harness Featuring Proprietary Anti-Submarine Technology The Schroth Profi II ASM Four-Point Harness integrates Schroth’s unique ASM (Anti-Submarining) technology in a four-point restraint system. That makes the Profi II ASM the ideal harness for use with OEM car seats not designed with a pass-through for sub straps. Schroth’s ASM technology uses an extra fold of material sewn into the inboard shoulder belt which, in an impact, will elongate at a slightly different rate than the outboard belt. This allows two movements: in the initial jolt forward, the upper torso can twist very slightly so that, as the body rebounds from that initial jolt, the torso is planted firmly back into the seat rather than sliding ("submarining") under the lap belts. Configurable Pull-Up or Pull-Down "Flexi" Lap Belts The Schroth Profi II ASM 4 Point Harness has lap belts with Schroth's unique “Flexi Belt” feature. Instead of being sewn into the harness, the cam latches and end fittings are wrapped, making configuration changes from pull-up to pull-down quick and easy. And you can easily add bolt-in brackets to the lap belts in place of the standard snap-in brackets if you need to. The Schroth Profi II ASM Harness has 3-inch shoulder belts which work with any HANS or other FHR (Front Head Restraint) device. A single or dual sub-strap can be added to convert this belt into a 5- or 6- point harness system. The shoulders are ready to wrap around a roll bar, or snap-in or bolt-in attachments can be purchased. Choose from Black, Blue, Red, or Silver and be sure to specify Driver or Passenger Side as the construction of each is slightly different. For excellent advice and information on proper harness installation, check out the Schroth Harness Installation Checklist here.
Stilo ST5 GT Communications Kits
Stilo Stilo ST5 GT Communications Kits from $118.00
Integrate Race Communications With Your Stilo ST5 GT Series Helmet Stilo's GT-Series helmets feature molded-in ports that, among other things, can accept a communications jack wired to a noise-cancelling microphone and either ear cups with speakers or a 1/8" (3.5mm) jack for connecting your own in-ear buds. There's even a system that has both! These systems are not especially difficult to install, although we typically recommend professional installation. Feel free to give us a call at (844) 438-7244 if you have questions about installing a Stilo Communications Kit yourself. Stilo AE0210 Communications Kit With Ear Cups: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: AE0210 Microphone: Gentex button-shaped microphone that fits in chin bar padding inside your Stilo helmet Speakers: noise-reducing padded Stilo Ear Cups with integrated speakers Input jack: female four-channel Stilo connector The Stilo AE0210 is the most popular Stilo in-helmet communications kit. It fits all Stilo ST5 and ST5.1 GT helmets that have side ports. The round button microphone is placed into a factory-designed hole in the chin bar interior padding, and the ear cup speakers are attached with Velcro to recesses in the side-padding on each side of the helmet. Stilo AE0214 Communications Kit for Ear Buds: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: AE0214 Audio output jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) female jack for ear buds (not included) Microphone: Gentex button-shaped microphone that fits in the chin bar padding inside your Stilo helmet Input jack: female four-channel Stilo connector The Stilo AE0214 is perfect for anyone with a Stilo GT-series helmet who uses custom earbuds. If you find ear cups uncomfortable and use ear buds, then the Stilo AE0214 communications kit is for you. The Stilo AE0214 electronics kit uses a Stilo 1/8" (3.5mm) female ear-bud input jack. All incoming audio will be played through your ear buds. For the mic, your Stilo helmet has a recess in the interior chin bar padding. Stilo AE0320 Ear Cup/Ear Bud Combo Kit: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: AE0320 Input jack: female four-channel Stilo connector Speakers: noise-reducing padded Stilo Ear Cups with integrated speakers Audio output jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) female jack for ear buds (not included) Microphone: Gentex flex boom microphone The Stilo AE0320is ideal for racing drivers whose cockpits are extremely loud, such as formula cars with the engine close to the driver or cars with an ultra-high compression V8. If your car is very loud, this is a great race communication upgrade for your Stilo helmet. This Stilo dual electronics kit uses proven Stilo powered ear cup audio electronics for each ear, but also lets you use your earbuds. Incoming audio will play from both the ear cups and your ear buds simultaneously. Your Stilo helmet has recesses in the cheek pad and chin bar padding to accommodate the noise-canceling microphone. The Gentex noise-canceling mic is on a flex boom, letting you place the mic barely touching your upper lip (saving your crew chief's ears).
Alpinestars ZX EVO v2 Balaclava - Competition Motorsport
Alpinestars Alpinestars ZX EVO v2 Balaclava $99.95
Alpinestars ZX EVO v2 Balaclava Alpinestars ZX Series EVO v2 layers are constructed with Lenzing FR®, an innovative natural viscose fiber that affords exceptional flame resistance and protection against heat transfer. This Formula 1 specification balaclava is extremely lightweight and thin, while being incredibly soft to the touch for greatly enhanced comfort when wearing a driving suit, and has extensive mesh panels on the front central area and rear for optimum levels of breathability. CONSTRUCTION Fabric composition with a high percentage of Lenzing FR® fiber for enhanced garment performance. Stretchable open knit construction on mouth and back zones for improved airflow and ventilation. Lightweight, seamless construction for optimum comfort.  PROTECTION Certified to the new FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard. Constructed with Lenzing FR® flame-resistant material KEY FEATURES Double-layered face area for extra protection. Mouth opening for hydration tube access.
CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag - Competition Motorsport
Competition Motorsport CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag $59.00
A Tough Helmet Bag That's Easy On Your Wallet The CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag is the ultimate companion for motorsport enthusiasts who prioritize durability and protection. Designed with uncompromising quality, this helmet bag is crafted using high-density polypropylene construction, ensuring unparalleled strength and reliability. The high-density polypropylene material is renowned for its exceptional resistance to impact, scratches, and weather. Whether you're traveling to the race track or storing your helmet1 in your trailer, this bag will keep it shielded from any potential harm. The CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag features interior webbing that provides a secure, cushioned environment for your helmet. The interior webbing acts as a shock absorber, safeguarding your helmet from accidental drops or bumps. Convenience and Meticulous Attention to Detail Racers Demand The CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag was meticulously designed to accommodate a wide range of helmet sizes and styles. The spacious compartment ensures a comfortable fit for most full-face and open-face helmets, while the elastic webbing secures your gear in place to minimize movement during transportation. The comfortable rubberized handle and adjustable shoulder strap of the CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag provide multiple carrying options. Best Tote for Your Most Important Safety Gear Whether you're a professional racer, track day enthusiast, or a dedicated motorcycle rider, the CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag is an indispensable accessory. Its high-density polypropylene construction, durability, and exceptional protective features guarantee that your helmet remains in pristine condition, ready for your next adventure. Experience peace of mind knowing your gear is well-protected, no matter where your journey takes you. CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag Details: Formed high-density polyethylene creates a firm, durable barrier to protect your helmet Thick rubber feet to stand bag upright Comfortable rubberized non-slip carrying handle Interior elastic straps secure your helmet regardless of size Convenient super-wide clam shell opening easily accommodates any size helmet Heavy-duty zipper and durable construction for years of hassle free use CMS Performance Racing Helmet Bag Dimensions: 14" x 12" x 7" 36cm x 30cm x 18cm 1 Racing helmets pictured are sold separately.
Walero Keep Your Cool Nomex Balaclava
Walero Walero Keep Your Cool Nomex Balaclava $79.00
Walero Keep Your Cool Nomex Balaclava Walero is committed to bringing you the most technologically-advanced range of thermo-regulating base layers available so you can stay committed to what matters most to you – delivering your best performance. That's why more and more drivers are choosing Walero. Active Temperature Control Developed by NASA for off-world applications, Outlast® technology actively regulates your body temperature despite changes in your environment, keeping you cool when the temperature rises or lessening the chill when it falls. This thermo-regulating know-how has been proven to effectively reduce perspiration by up to 33%. Tailored For Comfort Walero race underwear has been tailored for a superior fit with flat-lock seams and super-soft fabric to ensure maximum ease of movement and palpable comfort from start to finish. Freshness Beyond the Finish Line Treated with Envirotex, Walero next-to-skin base layers keep you fresher for longer meaning no more smelly kit bags either! This cutting-edge, hospital-grade antimicrobial is 99.999% effective against many common bacteria as well as many fungal spores and viruses, as well as being non-toxic and eco-friendly. Protection When Needed Ready to face the unexpected, Walero base layers are quality-assured and have been tested and approved to FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3, which means they are fully flame-retardant and fully approved for racing worldwide. The Protal FR material responsible for the fire protection doesn't wear out or expose your skin to chemical additives, and exceed the test SFI and FIA test criteria. FEATURES: FIA & SFI approved flame-retardant underwear. Active temperature regulation. Treated with a cutting-edge antimicrobial. Super-soft material with flattlock seams.
Bell M.8 Helmet SA2020 - Competition Motorsport
Bell Bell M.8 Helmet SA2020 $549.95
Bell Racing Helmets M.8 SA2020 Helmet The Bell Racing M.8 Composite Helmet SA2020 succeeds the Bell M-Series Concept, ideal for racers who want a larger field of vision (perfect for eyeglass wearers) along with the latest Bell performance and styling.  The Bell M.8 Composite racing helmet has traditional styling while offering a wide range of updated features for all types of racing: open wheel, closed car, karting, and more. The lightweight composite shell of the Bell M.8, Comfort-Plus FR® interior, manual air intake vents, and bigger eye opening all contribute to superior protection, comfort, and air flow to keep you safe and cool under pressure. ADDITIONAL BELL M.8 HELMET SHIELDS AVAILABLE HERE Add a Competition Motorsport Performance Racing Helmet Bag and keep your new BELL M.8 racing helmet safe and secure throughout each race weekend. BELL M.8 AUTO RACING HELMET AVAILABLE COLORS Gloss White Matte Black BELL M.8 AUTO RACING HELMET FEATURES Snell SA2020 homologation. All sizes are in centimeters. SRV-8 3mm SRV clear shield (SRV-1 pivot system). Lightweight composite shell with high-pressure molding system for improved shell strength. High-impact, multi-piece, multi-density custom bead absorbing liner improves low- and high-velocity impact protection. Install integrated radio microphone, drinking tube systems (both sold separately) with integrated channels in the face piece. Black Comfort-Plus FR® interior fabric for excellent moisture wicking and durable quality. Multi-foam density standard interior for superior fit. Optimum airflow ventilation system with direct-flow chin bar vents, manual level air intake vents. Air, dirt, and water won’t get past the hollow synthetic rubber gasket seal. Larger eyeport than many other models. M6 terminal hardware and hex wrench to install your Head and Neck Restraint Device
Garmin Catalyst™ Driving Performance Optimizer - Competition Motorsport
Garmin Garmin Catalyst™ Driving Performance Optimizer $999.99
Garmin Catalyst Driving Performance Optimizer Realize Your Full Track Driving Potential This device is an industry-first, providing virtual coaching in real time and showing a calculated optimal lap. Real-time coaching tells you how to go faster in each corner, with audio instructions, so you can keep your eyes up at all times. This is a stark contrast to existing systems which only provide feedback after a corner or after your session. The Garmin Catalyst uses your measured optimal lap to guide you to your personal maximum performance, rather than the performance of a professional racing driver. Catalyst Overview Garmin Catalyst uses accelerometers, GPS, video, and the most sophisticated algorithms to evaluate your driving performance and then suggest ways to improve (just like a human coach). Through the display and audio, Catalyst provides a real-time assessment of performance using both gentle suggestions and positive reinforcement. No, it won't clap when you get it right but it does use real-world phrases and encouragement - such as "brake less", "apex later", or "keep pushing". Catalyst is perpetually evaluating and assessing your performance so it can optimize your lap and get you in line. After your session, review track maps showing opportunities for improvement as well as "heat map" displays of deceleration, acceleration, apexes, and speeds. Catalyst uses a 6.95" super wide view LCD IPS screen with vivid TFT colors. The LCD is a touchscreen, able to control functions without the need for a remote control, app, or a laptop. Coaching or playback audio is available via 3.5mm headphone jack or Bluetooth(TM) to your headset or car stereo. The on-screen layout is not programmable. More Than Just Another Camera This is more than just a camera - the remote pod includes the accelerometers. It records up to 30fps in 1080p HD in a 140° field-of-view. It must be mounted facing forward, high up, and centered on your windshield. An on-screen guide will help you align it. The camera contains the accelerometers and very powerful processing software integrates the video into Catalyst's coaching and data. Playback is available on the Catalyst screen with speed and lap times already in sync. On-Track Coaching To unlock all of the coaching features and data you will need to select the Advanced setting. There is also a Basic setting that does not provide as much feedback. During your session, the real-time display is referencing current session data only. However, post-session review can include data from multiple sessions. Catalyst is looking for patterns in your driving to map out where you were fast and opportunities to try a different line, brake less, or carry more speed. Lap time differential is displayed as either red (slower), green (faster), or black (no change). You can have an advanced driver or instructor set baselines in your car first, then overlay that data with your own driving. This way Catalyst can see the full potential and make recommendations. So, instead of "chasing" a theoretical lap time, you know what's possible with Catalyst helping you make incremental improvements to get there. Catalyst will never make a recommendation that hasn't been previously successful. Off-Track Analysis & Review Garmin Catalyst compiles all of its data to form a True Optimal Lap. This is your best possible lap using all of the data provided during your on-track sessions. True Optimal Lap is determined not just by lap and sector times but by analyzing your best lines through corners and sectors and using the camera feed to identify track limits. Catalyst retains your track data over a four-day period so you can pack in a full weekend of driving with progressive coaching and analysis. Post-session data is reviewed on the Catalyst screen or through the Garmin Connect smartphone app, including video. (Export of data and video files to a laptop is not currently supported nor is it needed.) Everything you need is self-contained in the Garmin Catalyst, which works best when used as a standalone tool to review performance and make adjustments while you're at the track. Included in the Catalyst Box: Garmin Catalyst 32GB microSD pre-installed in covered compartment (auxiliary card slot on the side of the Catalyst device is externally accessible for memory expansion) Remote Cam with polarized lens cover Remote Cam 3.5 meter cable Heavy-duty vehicle suction cup Powered magnetic mount Two 1” connecting arms 1” arm connector Cable clips 12V socket power cable Full documentation Included Accessories: One-inch ball adapter screw down mount USB data cable 12V bare wire vehicle power cable Additional Remote Cam adhesive Continue reading to see how and why the Garmin Catalyst Driving Performance Optimizer is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Heck... it's unlike anything you've ever even thought possible!
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HANS Post Anchors (SA2015 - SA2020) - Competition Motorsport
Hans HANS Post Anchors (SA2015 - SA2020) $60.00 $65.23
HANS Post Anchors (SA2015 - SA2020) Upgrade your racing safety with our HANS Helmet Post Anchors. Designed for Snell SA2015 and SA2020 helmets, these FIA-approved anchors allow you to easily attach your HANS or Stand21 head-and-neck restraint. Simply screw them into the threaded M6 inserts molded into your helmet and you're ready to hit the track with added protection. Don't compromise on safety - trust in our HANS Post Anchors for a secure and reliable connection between your helmet and head-and-neck restraint. Upgrade your gear today and stay safe on the race track.
Sparco Rush Kart Racing Glove
Sparco Sparco Rush Kart Racing Glove from $37.00 $59.00
Sparco Rush Kart Racing Gloves The Rush karting glove offers protection and comfort at an entry level price. Made from a polymide outer and lined with soft cotton, the Rush features a synthetic suede palm printed with high grip silicon for excellent grip with improved comfort. The Rush is a two-tone glove with signature Sparco logos printed on the back of the hand for instant recognition. The Rush has an elastic cuff with a high grip puller for ease of use. TECHNOLOGY Polymide outer with soft cotton lining Synthetic suede palm High-grip silicon printed palm Elastic cuff for secure fit and control Grippy pull for easy on/off Glove Size Chart EURO SIZE 8-X/SM 9-SMALL 10-MEDIUM 11-LARGE 12-XL Inches 6 1/2 - 7 1/2 7 1/2 - 8 1/2 8 1/2 - 9 1/2 9 1/2 - 10 1/2 10 1/2 - 11 1/2
Trac-Com Adapter Cables
Trac-Com Trac-Com Adapter Cables $55.00
Trac-Com Adapter Cables A Trac-Com Adapter Cable is the perfect addition to your Trac-Com Intercom System. This cable is designed to connect the Trac-Com Intercom System Base Unit (sold separately) to your in-helmet communications. and features a locking 5-pin connector for a secure connection. With a length of 4 feet, this premium quality cable is manufactured and tested in the USA to ensure top-notch performance. Choose from three different helmet connectors - Stilo, NASCAR, or IMSA - to suit your specific needs. This versatile adapter cable is a must-have for any serious racer looking to enhance their communication system. Don't settle for subpar cables, trust in the Trac-Com Adapter Cables for a reliable and efficient connection every time. Upgrade your racing experience with the Trac-Com Adapter Cables, available now at Competition Motorsport. Don't miss out on this essential piece of equipment for your Trac-Com Intercom System. Order yours today and take your racing to the next level!
CMS Performance Roll Bar for S550 Mustang / Shelby GT350 / GT350R / GT500 - Competition Motorsport
CMS Performance CMS Performance Roll Bar for S550 Mustang / Shelby GT350 / GT350R / GT500 $1,695.00
CMS Performance Roll Bar for the Mustang S550, Shelby GT350, GT350R, GT500 This Roll Bar Fits The Following Cars (does not fit convertible): Ford Shelby GT350 (2016-2020) Ford Shelby GT350R (2017-2020) Ford Shelby GT500 (2015+) The Best Roll Bar On Earth for Ford's Track Day Monsters The CMS Performance Roll Bar is the strongest, safest, and most beautifully constructed roll bar on the market for the Shelby GT350, GT350R, and GT500. In designing our Shelby roll bar, safety, strength, and structural integrity were our primary goals. That's why it is fully TIG welded from ultra-strong Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel sized 1.75" diam x .095" wall, vs. the mild-steel tubing other companies use. Docol R8 is 30-35% stronger than DOM mild steel and even 10-15% stronger than 4130 CrMo steel. This allows CMS Performance to design a roll bar that is stronger and lighter weight. Precision CNC machined interlocking roll bar clamps, made to our specifications in the USA, make joining the main hoop and kickers easier during installation while giving the CMS Performance roll bar a premium, finished look. Adding an optional Shrader Rear Seat Delete Kit (not necessary on the GT350R) gives your roll bar installation a from-the-factory OEM look. American Made Safety for an American Icon Let's face it, safety is the primary reason to install a roll bar in your Shelby. So the CMS Performance Shelby Roll Bar is designed to place your harness shoulder straps at both the proper angle (0° to -20°) and distance to the driver.  The rear kickers bolt to a strong existing bulkhead, requiring no reinforcement plates beneath the floor pan. Our use of state-of-the-art Docol ultra-high-strength-steel tubing throughout allows us to keep the driver's rear view unobstructed by diagonal braces, which also keeps weight down. Every detail is engineered with safety and structural integrity as our primary goal. Precision Crafted and Custom Finished in OEM Colors The other reason to install a roll bar is because it really complements the aggressive, race-inspired styling of the Shelby S550 and Shelby GT350/R/500. We're gear heads, we get that. So each bar is crafted by hand by master fabricators, 360o TIG welded for the ultimate in strength and durability, and then custom powder coated in our facility (at no extra charge). We've color-matched powder to most of Ford's factory paint colors for a truly customized look, or you can choose from thousands of custom colors and finishes like the amazing Superchrome, giving your Shelby a personalized look that will last. Going from raw Docol tube stock to a gleaming finish, every roll bar is handcrafted by our most experienced cage- and race car builders. Nothing is left to chance. The CMS roll bar is designed to give you an unobstructed view through your rear window. None of your plastic interior trim needs to be removed or cut, just a little carpet that is hidden away. So if you ever need to put your car back to stock, it will look as though the roll bar was never there. Easier Installation and Lots of Options for Your Shelby Roll Bar Check out the GREAT installation video here! 1 Complete, detailed instructions make installation pretty simple (figure about two hours if you're reasonably handy; having a buddy helps!) All the supplied installation hardware is American made: Grade 8 mounting hardware and an industrial carbide drill bit. So you don't have worry that you don't have what you need for a flawless installation. You can add six-point or four-point harnesses to your order to take full advantage of the safety upgrade your roll bar represents. The CMS Performance Sub Strap + Lap Belt Mount makes securely installing your racing harnesses easy. Check out the drop-downs above. Many customers also add CMS Locking Harness Collars to keep harness shoulder straps right where you want them (they're not required for safety, but a lot of people like the look.) 1 Thanks so much to our customer "@1_trickpony_" for putting in the time and effort to shoot and edit a fantastic installation video! Click Here For Installation Instructions CMS Performance Shelby/Shelby Roll Bar Details: Manufacturer: CMS Performance Manufacturer part no.: RB03 Material: 1.75″ x .095" Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel tubing Construction: full 360o TIG welding Design: one-piece main hoop and three-piece rear kicker for simpler installation. Weight: 52 lbs. (23.6 kg) Included hardware: all necessary Grade 8 bolts, nuts & washers Drill bit: included CMS Performance Roll Bar Features: CNC-cut mounting plates. Designed, built, and finished by CMS Performance in the USA. American-made CNC machined high-strength steel interlocking clamps Allows full seat travel with any seat. Straightforward installation and perfect fitment, guaranteed. This product is intended for off-road race track use only.
HJC H10 Helmet SA2020 - Competition Motorsport
HJC HJC H10 Helmet SA2020 $339.99
HJC H10 SA2020 Helmet The HJC H10 SA2020 Helmet is the ideal helmet for all types of racing. HJC H10 has a comfortable Fire Resistant Moisture-wicking Comfort-Carbon interior and Advanced Ventilation System to keep  you cool and comfortable. The HJC H10 SA2020 Helmet is the ONLY affordable alternative. ADDITIONAL SHIELDS AVAILABLE HERE Add a Competition Motorsport Performance Racing Helmet Bag and keep your new HJC H10 racing helmet safe and secure throughout each race weekend. HJC H10 AUTO RACING HELMET FEATURES   Snell SA2020 approved Advanced Fiberglass Composite Weave shell provides light weight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology ACS Advanced Channeling System: front-to-back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out Optional shields available: Amber, Dark Smoke, Dark Blue, and Black Chrome Optional clear spoiler is available Anti-fog shield with tear-off posts Pre-installed M6 terminals for head and neck restraints Improved front ventilation Sizes XS - XXL SIZE CHART SIZE CENTIMETER HAT SIZE INCHES XS 54-55 6 3/4 – 6 7/8 21 1/4 – 21 5/8 S 56-57 7 – 7 1/8 22 – 22 1/2 M 58-59 7 1/4 – 7 3/8 22 7/8 – 23 1/4 L 60-61 7 1/2 – 7 5/8 23 5/8 – 24 XL 62-63 7 3/4 – 7 7/8 24 3/8 – 24 3/4 XXL 64-65 8 – 8 1/8 25 1/4 – 25 5/8
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