C3 Carbon Ferrari California Carbon Fiber Airbox Cover 1 "a"


C3 Carbon Ferrari California Carbon Fiber Airbox Cover


C3 Carbon Ferrari California Carbon Fiber Airbox Cover


Picture this: You're at the track, and a group of fellow enthusiasts is ogling at your Ferrari California. They're drooling over that stunning V8 under the glass bonnet. But wait! What's that black plastic monstrosity sitting atop that work of art? Oh, no, you didn't! Don't let a factory default steal your thunder.

Enter the C3 Carbon Ferrari California Carbon Fiber Airbox Cover – where style meets functionality. It's not just about looking good (though, trust us, you're going to look real good). It's about enhancing your engine's elegance without emptying your pockets. Because, let's be real: who wants to pay the "Ferrari price tag" for every accessory?

Features and Benefits:

  • OEM Look, Without the OEM Price: With a 1x1 carbon weave, this beauty looks just like the Ferrari original. No one will know you didn't break the bank (and we won't tell).

  • Easy Peasy Installation: No PhD in mechanics needed. Slip it on, and you're ready to roar.

  • Quality You Can Feel: Made with autoclaved pre-preg dry carbon fiber 1x1 3K plain weave, it's an exact match to Ferrari's factory carbon. So, go ahead, give it a tap. Feels solid, right?

  • Shiny, Shiny!: Our automotive urethane protection ensures this cover stays gleaming. And with a hand-polished, mirror finish, you might just need sunglasses every time you pop the hood.

  • No Guesswork: With a digitally 3D laser scanned design, it's a guaranteed fit. We're talking glove-like.

  • Strength and Durability: Made using billet aluminum molds under intense conditions, this cover is built to withstand the test of time... and speed!

Why C3 Carbon Stands Out:

While others might try to woo you with cheaper materials and processes, C3 Carbon is all about top-tier quality. We're not just making products; we're crafting experiences. Dry carbon, which is more robust and significantly lighter than its counterparts, ensures your engine doesn't get bogged down with unnecessary weight. And with our automotive urethane coat, your airbox cover will look as good as new, year after year.

Many competitors might lure you in with the flashiness of wet carbon or the affordability of fiberglass with a carbon overlay. But don't be deceived. They're heavier, weaker, and just don't meet the C3 Carbon standard.

Time to Make a Statement

Don't let your Ferrari California be just another pretty face in the crowd. Elevate its elegance, charm, and performance with the C3 Carbon Ferrari California Carbon Fiber Airbox Cover. Experience the distinction, feel the quality, and relish the admiration.

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