AiM Sports 22-Pin Dash Harness 1 "a"


AiM Sports 22-Pin Dash Harness


AiM 22-Pin Dash Harness

This 90° harness plugs into the 22-pin connector on either the AiM MXP, MXL2, MXM, MXG, MXS dash, and AiM EVO5 Logger. Several of the advanced functions rely on this harness, which is not included with the standard kit.

AiM 22 Pin Auxiliary Harness for MXP, MXG, MXS, MXL2 Dashes Details:

  • Manufacturer: AiM
  • Manufacturer part number: V02573020
  • Alternate part number: MC-249
  • Harness Angle: 90°

The AiM 22 Pin Auxiliary Harness will provide access to the following functions:

  • Analog sensor channels 5, 6, 7, 8 
  • Digital wheel speed sensor inputs 2, 3, 4 
  • Digital 12v outputs 1, 2 
  • RS232 ECU connection

The factory harness that comes with the AiM MXG, MXS, MXL2 allows only 4 inputs. If you would like more inputs then this is your harness

For use with AiM MXS, MXP, MXL2, MXG, and EVO5 Dash/Loggers. Not compatible with older AiM MXL Pro / MXL Pro05 or AiM EVO series.

AiM 22 Pin Auxiliary Harness for MXP, MXG, MXS, MXL2 Dashes Primary use: 

Adding analog sensors greater than 4. Your factory harness will allow up to 4 analog channels (sensors), this may be (1) Water Temperature, (2) Oil Temperature, (3) Oil Pressure and (4) Brake Pressure. Using the AiM 22 Pin Auxiliary harness you now can add four more analog channels (sensors) like (5) Steering Angle, (6) Throttle Position, (7) Gear Box Temperature, and (8) Differential Temp. Another way we see this cable used is independent shock travel (all corners) or engine oil temperature pre-cooler and oil temperature post-cooler. 


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