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Sparco Shield Tech Undershirt




Product Description:

Sparco Shield Tech Undershirt 

Introducing the Sparco Shield Tech Nomex® Undergarments: Your Armor Against the Heat of the Track

Ever felt like you're in a sauna while racing? Say goodbye to the sweat lodge and hello to the cool oasis of Sparco's Shield Tech. This isn't just any racing gear; it's your personal climate control in the heat of the moment.

FIA 8856-2021 Approved: Like a Firefighter's Suit, But for Racers: With the latest FIA standard, you're not just wearing an undershirt; you're donning a shield. It's like having a fireproof superhero cape, but it fits under your racing suit.

Seamless Comfort, Like Wearing a Second Skin: The seamless stretchable Nomex® in key areas offers mobility that feels like freedom. It's so comfortable and form-fitting; you might check twice to make sure you're wearing it.

Strategically Perforated: Be Cool When the Heat is On: The double perforated panels are like having tiny little fans all over, keeping you cool when your engine's running hot. Plus, the minimal external seams mean no chafing, no distractions, just pure focus.

X-Cool Silver: Like Having an Air Conditioner in Your Suit: The X-Cool treatment is like magic. It draws heat away from your body, keeping you as cool as a cucumber. And with its anti-bacterial effect, you'll be fresh as a daisy, even after the toughest races.

Product Specifications:

  • Sizes: X-Small/Small, Medium/Large, X-Large/XX-Large. Choose your warrior's fit.
  • Colors: Stealthy black or pristine white. Pick your racing stripe.
  • Technology: FIA 8856-2021 rating, seamless stretchable Nomex®, perforated knit, X Cool Silver.
  • Fit: Compression type for those who like it snug; go a size up for a breezier feel.


  1. How does the X-Cool Silver work?

    • Think of it as your personal polar bear. It pulls heat away from your body, keeping you cool under pressure.
  2. Can I machine wash these undergarments?

    • Absolutely! Just treat them like your favorite superhero costume – with care and love.
  3. Will it fit under my racing suit comfortably?

    • Like a glove! Or, in this case, like the perfect undershirt. It's designed to be unnoticeable yet protective.

Call to Action:

Ready to Beat the Heat on the Track?

Don't let discomfort be the reason you're second on the podium. Get the Sparco Shield Tech Nomex® Undergarments and stay cool, comfortable, and focused on the win. Click [Add to Cart] and transform your racing experience today. Remember, when you're comfortable, you're unstoppable. Gear up now and leave the heat (and your competitors) in the dust! 

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