Sparco RW-11 Evo Balaclava 1 "a"


Sparco RW-11 Evo Balaclava

Product Description:

Sparco RW-11 Evo Balaclava

Introducing the RW-11 Evo Balaclava from Sparco: Your Secret Weapon on the Track

Ever felt like you're wearing a medieval knight's helmet instead of a balaclava? Say goodbye to the Dark Ages and hello to the future with Sparco's RW-11 Evo Balaclava. This isn't just any headgear; it's the Lewis Hamilton of race underwear.

Seamless Comfort, Like Wearing a Cloud: Imagine wearing something so comfortable that you forget it's there. That's the RW-11 for you. Its totally seamless structure means no annoying stitches poking your skin. It's like a gentle hug for your head, all race long.

X-Cool Treatment, Stay Chill When Things Heat Up: Picture this: you're in the middle of an intense race, sweat is your uninvited guest, but wait – the RW-11's X-Cool treatment kicks in. It's like having a personal AC unit in your helmet, keeping you cool, calm, and collected. Plus, it's anti-bacterial, so you can say goodbye to funky smells. Your pit crew will thank you.

Lighter than a Feather, Stronger than a Rhino: Okay, maybe not a rhino, but you get the idea. The superlight construction of the RW-11 means you won't even feel its weight, allowing you to focus on what really matters – winning.

Product Specifications:

  • Certification: FIA 8856-2018 approved. Because safety is sexy.
  • Structure: Totally seamless. Because who likes chafing?
  • Treatment: X-Cool. Because staying cool is half the battle.
  • Construction: Superlight. Because every gram counts.


  1. How does the X-Cool treatment work?

    • It's like magic, but with science. The treatment reacts with your sweat to create a cooling effect. Basically, it's your personal climate control.
  2. Is it easy to wash?

    • Absolutely! It's like caring for a delicate flower, but much easier. Just follow the care instructions, and it'll be ready for your next race.
  3. Will it fit under my helmet comfortably?

    • Yes! It's designed to be your helmet's best friend. Snug, comfortable, and unobtrusive.

Call to Action:

Ready to Hit the Track Like a Pro?

Don't let your headgear hold you back. Grab the RW-11 Evo Balaclava from Sparco and feel the difference from the starting line to the checkered flag. Click [Add to Cart] and join the winners' circle today. Remember, in the world of racing, every second counts, and so does every layer of your gear. Get yours now and race like never before!

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