Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 1408 1 "a"



Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 1408




Fits These Vehicles:

Make Model Build (Year) Front Rear
Aston Martin DB 9 04 -   X
Aston Martin Vanquish 03 - 08   X
Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT4 ProDrive [race car] 12 -   X
Cadillac CTS-V (4 piston front caliper) 03 - 09   X
Cadillac CTS-V (6 piston front caliper) 10 -   X
Chevrolet Camaro SS 09 - 15   X
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 12 - 15   X
Dodge Viper 92 - 00 X  
Dodge Viper 01 - 02 X  
Ferrari 360 all models 99 - 05 X X
Ferrari F430 [cast iron brakes] 05 - 10 X X
KTM X-Bow 08 - X  
Lancia Delta 2.0 HF Int.16V Evo 91 - 94 X  
Lotus Esprit Turbo 94 - 96 X X
Maserati Ghibli (M157) [6 piston Brembo caliper / disc ø 360mm] 13 -   X
Maserati Grand Turismo 07 -   X
Peugeot 406 Coupe Brembo brake 97 - 04 X  
Renault Clio II 3.0 V6 mid engine 00 - 05 X X
Seat Leon 1.8T Cupra R (Brembo) 03 - 06 X  
Seat Leon 2.8 Cupra 4 (Brembo) 01 - 06 X  
Volvo S60 Turbo R Brembo brakes 03 -   X
Volvo V70 R 2.5T Brembo brakes 03 -   X


RSL 29:

The PAGID RS29 (Yellow) is the world-leading endurance brake pad used by most of the winning teams in motorsport. Although designed primarily for endurance racing, many competitors use this material successfully for sprint and short distance races also. RS29 has also found favor in the growing track day market due to the level of control, good cold performance, long life and low disc wear.

RS 14:

The PAGID RS14 (Black) is a high friction value ceramic compound with very good modulation and high fade resistance. A very popular, aggressive pad with strong initial bite and high torque. In addition to the track-day environment, RS14 has shown success in short- to medium-distance circuit racing as well as gravel and tarmac rallying.

RS 42:

The PAGID RS42 (Blue) is a carbon based compound with a medium friction level. It has excellent low-temperature response and is a very user-friendly compound with excellent modulation and feel. It is used across many forms of motorsport from single seaters, through sports car racing, to Group N rallying on gravel and wet tarmac surfaces.

RSL 1:

Used in GT cars, Touring cars and prototype endurance racing. Due to the high friction and good modulation, often used in sprint races as well.RSL 1 is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers with high heat resistance. It maintains a constant friction level over a wide range of temperatures. Its low wear rate and disc friendliness make this material appropriate for endurance races.


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