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Hey speedsters and track day thrill-seekers! Ready to get a real 'hands-on' experience? Introducing the ONE EVO FX Gloves – where top-tier safety meets unparalleled comfort. These aren't just gloves; they're your secret weapon for every race.

Features & Benefits:

  • FIA 8856-2018 Approved: Safety? Check. Compliance? Double-check. These gloves meet the latest FIA standards, so you're always race-ready and regulation-compliant.
  • Breathable Honeycomb Fabric Upper: Keep your cool when the heat is on. This innovative fabric ensures your hands stay ventilated, even as the laps pile up.
  • Silicone Rubber Palm for Enhanced Grip: Never lose your grip on victory. The silicone rubber palm gives you the control you need to handle the most demanding tracks.
  • External Seams for Maximum Feel: Feel every turn, every shift, every victory. The external seams are designed to maximize your connection with the steering wheel.
  • Elastic Wrist Stop for Comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort. The elastic wrist stop ensures these gloves fit like, well, a glove, even during the longest endurance races.
  • Range of Colors & Sizes: From XS to XL, and in a palette to match your style or team colors, these gloves are as versatile as your racing strategy.


  • Approval: FIA 8856-2018
  • Material: Breathable honeycomb fabric, Silicone rubber palm
  • Seams: External
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Colors: Various


Q: How do the ONE EVO FX Gloves improve my driving? A: With their enhanced grip and external seams, these gloves offer superior control and feel, allowing for precise maneuvers and better handling.

Q: Are these gloves suitable for all weather conditions? A: Absolutely! The breathable fabric makes them perfect for hot conditions, while the silicone grip ensures control even in wet races.

Ready to take your racing experience to the next level? Slip into a pair of ONE EVO FX Gloves and feel the difference that professional-grade gear makes. Click 'Add to Cart' and grip your way to glory. Your fastest lap awaits!




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